You Can Lose the Weight Before the New Year


Every year one of the top two New Year’s Resolutions is to get back in shape.  The question I have is…. why wait until January 1st to make a change?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a change NOW and actually meet your resolution early!  Not only would it be great, but it is also possible. 


Last year, from Thanksgiving to News Years, the average weight loss during an Isagenix cleanse was an amazing 9 pounds!  That was a nine pound loss still having Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin pie, eggnog and holiday cookies and snacks.  So instead of gaining the usual 10 pound holiday pudge, people were actually losing and enjoying themselves and feeling good while they were doing it. 


Can you do this too? Absolutely!!  


This is not about dieting and deprivation. 


This entire system is about cleansing your entire body inside and creating an environment of abundance and vitality.  So you get to clean your body on the inside and it shows up in lost pounds and inches on the outside.  You will also experience increased energy level, better mental clarity, and improved vitality throughout your day.


Why wait until January?  Start today.  Each person who cleanses will also get the added benefit of working with a personal cleansing coach to help you along the way.

Call JoJo Bennington, Isagenix cleansing coach, at 702-429-1335. 

Jo Jo Bennington
ISAGENIX Cleansing Coach

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