Over 19 Million Diabetics in America


In America there are over 19 million diabetics, 95% of which are Type II.  In most cases, it has been a matter of life choices that have set them up for this disorder.  Excess weight is also a catalyst for this disease.  This is a preventable disorder and can also in many cases be improved with a healthier, more active lifestyle.


A brief explanation of this complication, as told by Nutritionist, Jim Rhoades of Isagenix:


Sugar is instant energy.  Sugar is also referred to as glucose once it is in the blood stream.  Glucose comes from anything that turns to sugar once it enters the body.  As glucose enters the cells it gives the cell energy which can be converted to many different things.  This energy is one of the only forms of fuel that the brain can use.  So, you always need some unless you want to turn off the brain.  When this energy, or glucose becomes excessive, our bodies have to rescue us from too much glucose or sugar by producing a hormone in the pancreas, which is called insulin. However insulin is like a double edged sword.  It can save us from too much sugar, but in doing so, it does damage to the blood vessels which carry it.  Insulin is the most harmful hormone that the body can produce, but at the same time it is necessary to rescue us from the excess glucose in the blood, so that our blood will continue to flow and we will not go into a coma.


When we eat foods, they are converted into various nutrients.  All foods, even the very best, contain sugar or glucose.  Green peas, corn, and carrots are all examples of good foods that are also high in sugar.  Since it is easier to avoid becoming a diabetic than it is to reverse it, if we keep our blood sugars low our bodies only need a small amount of insulin to keep us balanced.  Five or six small meals a day will help keep us more balanced than eating 3 large meals.  Any large meal will push our blood sugar above the line.  The second our levels go above the line, it sends a signal to the pancreas to come to your rescue by producing high amounts of insulin, which will grab that extra sugar, take it out of the blood and push it into any nearby cell that will open the door.  Insulin has a key to the cell doors.  Normally, if you are insulin sensitive, it will only take a small amount to open the door, the door opens and in goes the extra sugar.  Now it is out of the bloods way.  Two things complicate this process, 1) if the person does not have any exercise in their life, and they are sedentary, then the cell is still filled with energy from the last time they ate.  So, when the insulin hits the doorbell, the door says “go away, I’m not opening, I’m too full.”  The insulin says,  “I’m not leaving until you open this door,” so then it sends a message to the pancreas to send more reinforcements, and then here come ten more components of insulin that bash the door down and force the sugar in.  This is the beginning of insulin resistance and you are on your way to a bad place you don’t ever want to go.  One of the ways not to go there is to exercise moderately.  Any form of exercise that requires you to be on your feet 30-40 minutes, 4-5 times per week.  You will burn the energy in your muscle cells, and they will be ready for a little bit of insulin to open the door, so that your resistance will drop dramatically.  Here is the problem, if the cell does not open with the first touch, then the insulin sends to the pancreas for back up, then here come ten more insulin components to force open the door.  The next time 10 can’t do it, so 20 come.  Then the next time 20 can’t do it, so here comes 40.  Then the next time 40 can’t get the door open, so 80 show up.  Finally the pancreas says “I’ve done all I can do, I can’t do anymore”.  At that point you will be diagnosed as an insulin resistance diabetic and you will have to take insulin as an outside source or the doctor will prescribe a drug that will help lower your resistance.


Unfortunately, even with outside help, we will build our resistance back up unless we change our lifestyle and get into movement mode to burn up the energy in the cell.  The real tragedy is that most people don’t know that insulin has a side effect, no matter how it’s produced, it does extreme damage to the carriers of the insulin, the blood vessels.  Your body, the average adult, has over 60,000 miles of blood vessels, enough to wrap around the world 2 ½ times.  Large ones are called arteries.  Medium ones are called veins. The small ones are called capillaries. These carry your blood flow and this is where the insulin is transported.  Every time insulin is being delivered to your system, picture it being delivered in a chariot like the one from Ben Hur, with the cutter blades on the wheels.  Those blades tear up your cardio vessels just by cruising through your veins.  Every time they come through, they prematurely break down your cardio system.  The very first ones to be affected are the smallest ones in your body which are the ones behind your eyes.  The next are in the kidneys, then the ends of the fingers and toes.  As these blood vessels are broken down, there is no more delivery of nutrients to the nerve.  As the nerves are not nourished, they begin to wither and die. 


So, what happens?  As we increase the amounts of insulin in our bodies, we add the possibility of cardio disease up to 90%.  The number one killer in the US is cardio disorders. 1 out of 2 deaths is from a cardio disorder, heart attack, stroke and aneurism.  When you have a break down of the 60,000 miles worth of vessels, the last thing you want is to have high amounts of insulin cruising through the body.  They saved your life by taking out the extra sugar, but now they harm you and could eventually kill you a different way.  


Your body is an amazing miracle that can truly begin to repair itself with the proper nutrition and building blocks.  How much more room would you have in your cells if you could de-junk them by cleansing?  After cleansing, the next load of energy is able to enter the cell easier, and without asking for reinforcements.  Isagenix offers a full body nutritional cleanse that not only answers the question of nutrition, but also helps to rid the body of impurities.  You are aided by a cleansing coach to help ensure you have the best experience possible and you are also encouraged to have your doctor monitor you while you go through the system.  This is a comfortable, affordable, do-able system that is tailored to each person individually, depending on goals, health, lifestyle and schedule. 


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