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"Once Upon A Time" Wilt Chamberlain

During my days associated with Hugh Hefner's Playboy Enterprises, I would see Wilt Chamberlain (the greatest basketball player in the world at that time) at Hef's mansion. Also during these years I was going to Beauty Contests ( I did judge one thousand Beauty Contest and Pageants all over the U.S. and world. ) I would quite often see Wilt at these events in California. We became pretty good friends.


One day Wilt Chamberlain invited me up to his unusual home. He had a degree in architectural design and he had designed this home (it is a well-known famous piece of architecture). There was not one square room in the house and you didn't know where the front door was. You walked over a moat and you were in front of the house - but no door. The whole house moved somehow and then you walked right in. Another button returned the walls back into the structure. It is up in the beautiful Mulholland Hills.

Now another button and the two story house was open up to see the sky. Wilt wanted me to start a Modeling Agency that he would own and I would run. One day I met him on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks to look at places to rent. Wilt was barefooted and we started to walk to another Bldg. along the blvd. A throng of people immediately starting to follow us so we ducked into a car rental place and they were very nice and offered to drive us the one block we were going to go to look at another large rental space. Oh what price fame and popularity. I did not go into business with him as about that time he announced to the public that he had laid over two thousand girls!


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