The 5th Annual “World Convention of Famous Reflections” from the INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF CELEBRITY IMPERSONATORS AND TRIBUTE ARTISTS August 7-10 At the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas




Do you enjoy celebrity impersonators? If so, “have we got a show for you!”.

Only… you’ll have to wait until next year to see it.

Each year the INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF CELEBRITY IMPERSONATORS AND TRIBUTE ARTISTS  has a convention where Celebrity Impersonators and “Look-a-likes” from all over the world come to mingle, schmooze and perform all weekend long.

As a representative of Vegas Community Online, I attended this year’s closing event, an awards banquet and show.

As I walked into the banquet area a Bette Midler CD could be heard playing in the background, but soon after, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was actually SHERIE RAE PARKER I was listening to, a Bette Midler Impressionist, WOW! Fooled me.

  After cocktails and schmoozing, dinner began. During the incredible five course meal, including a Steak and Shrimp dinner with all the trimmings and desserts “to die for” (Apparently the chef and his staff were not impersonators, but the real thing!) the evening began with GEORGE DARE and his Vegas’s Centennial composition of “Shine Vegas Shine’, which was followed by BO WAGNER as Frank Sinatra, with his band entertaining throughout dinner.  After the wonderful meal and the sensational performance by BO WAGNER, the Award presentations began  
During the show, STEPHEN SORRENTINO’s comedic styling were worth the price of admission in itself. He is a wonderfully creative entertainer with a brilliant mind and kept us all in stitches during the course of the evening. Stephen also won this year’s “Best Male Celebrity Impressionist” award.

Like most award shows, there was a lot of “Thank you” speeches, many of which deservingly went to BEA FOGELMAN, editor and agent for the “Entertainment Network” for the incredible support and assistance that she has given to so many entertainers over the years.

Also, during the Awards there were several people that were acknowledged for “Special achievements.”

They included:


This year BEA FOGELMAN received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” (which I understand, is usually given to people who are about to retire), but in Bea’s own words “This lady is not ready to go yet”.  Well, we at VCO would also like to acknowledge Bea for her untiring and unselfish work in the entertainment industry year after year. Brava Bea!

Also recognized was JOHN STUART. If you are not aware, it was JOHN STUART who created and produced the Legends in Concert shows. The award given to him was for his “Excellent Contribution to the Entertainment Industry”. His creative genius brought literally hundreds of Legends in Concerts shows around the world, giving audiences a chance to see some of their favorite artists “perform” through the talent of quality the casts of Impressionists. Millions of people have seen these shows and his vision is still going strong today! He is truly a remarkable man!

Last, but certainly not least was PETER BANKS (an Austin Powers Impersonator) who was recognized for his continuous charity work. I have heard said that “Peter has never said “no” to a charity that needs to raise funds. Well... all we can say to Peter is “You’re Groovy Baby”.

Following the banquet and award presentations was a remarkable show of celebrity impersonators. All of which appeared to be “at the top of their game”, perhaps, because they were performing in a room filled with their peers. The amount of talent in that room was INCREDIBLE!

Particularly most appealing both visually and vocally were ART VARGAS as Bobby Darin and MARK MAYNARD as Frankie Vallie. These two entertainers brought a smile to my face and a return to my youth.

So by all means, do yourself a favor and watch for this fabulous event next year. It will be (like this year) open to the public, and a MUST see for all!!!!

Reviewed by Marleen Marino / Publisher VCO



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