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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could lift out the wrinkles in your face, make your breasts higher, lift your buttocks or slenderize your thighs.  Well now there is a new technology that can do all of these and more, WITHOUT SURGERY.

The technical name for the procedure is Active Multilplaque Capacitive Diathermy.  We call it Radio Cosmetics.  The procedure is amazing and you are able to see positive results in as little as a 20 minute session. 

Let me explain how it works. When we are young, the oxygen and the nutritive elements reach all the cells of our organism.  Molecules come in and out of the cellular membrane in order to satisfy the energetical needs of the cell.  They do not face any barriers of the organic wastes nor toxins which prevent the cell from living fully.

As we grow older, the biological reactions slow down and the blood flood ceases to reach the outside part of the cell as it used to do.  This is when the problems begin.  There becomes a decrease in the oxygen and nutritive elements that the cells are able to consume, this speeds up the aging process and undesired deterioration appears. 

However, technological improvements enables us to fight these problems by attacking the origin of the deterioration at the molecular scale.  We can do this thanks to Radio Cosmetics.  The radiofrequency current that the device produces through our tissues plays an important role at an internal level by bringing the blood from the outside to the inside of our organism.  Outside we see it because the skin gets a bit reddish and because we feel an enjoyable warm feeling.  The revolution takes place inside.  Inside the alluvium of blood from the veins, capillaries and arteries flood the areas subjected to treatment and drag away those waste materials and toxins which block the entrance of the oxygen to the inside the cell membrane.  Within a few seconds, the toxins are inevorably removed from the area and the intercellular drainage frees the cells affected by the lack of oxygen.  The skin then acquires a white, fresher, and more radiant texture, which gives the impression that the person who was undergoing the treatment has just woken up.  The tissues are reaffirmed (because they are now receiving enough oxygen to work properly), the wrinkles are attenuated, the orange skin is softened, and the grooves become invisible.

The secret to beauty is therefore to make our cells work with the same quantity of elements which we received when we were children and we had a very good blood flood.  Understanding this process, helps us understand why this technique it so effective in a wide range of facial and body cares.

For more information on this amazing procedure or to make an appointment, please call our Radio Cosmetic Technician, 

Maria at TOTAL HEALTH CARE.  259-4922

Have a happy, healthy day.  


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