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IN ALL OF its glory "National Night Out" has brought communities together throughout the United States. It has helped elevate the awareness of community safety and camaraderie especially in Las Vegas. Earl White of the 15th Street Coalition with Scott Sturtridge and Tina Haynes headed the downtown event at the Fremont Mini Mart parking lot in conjunction with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with special invited guest Ward 5 Councilman Lawrence Weekly. Councilman Weekly and Captain Csaba "Mac" Maczala along with Doug Gillespie the Under Sheriff spoke about crime being diminished and more police officers patrolling downtown Las Vegas. Other guest included entertainer Bobby Ruffin of the Drifters, Christina Kwan (2004 U.S. Boxing Champion), Entertainer T. Fox, Pitt Bull Girls, and other artists.

Individuals running for political office who attended the event included Jerry Airola for Sheriff, Bob Goodman (Rep) for Lieutenant Governor and Kevin Childs for County Recorder's Office. Target the national sponsor provided school supplies which was coordinated by Ryan Haddrill and his staff. Despite the rumors that had been circulated about downtown Las Vegas being unsafe is highly incorrect. It is without question much safer today than it was some ten years ago. In fact the area between Las Vegas Boulevard and 8th Street has already begun its phase of new business influx with fast foods as well as night clubs. The area which is known as Fremont East is well underway and soon will become a destination point for downtown.


Two time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey who won a Best Actor Oscar for "American Beauty" and another for Best Supporting Actor in "The Usual Suspects" is moving along on his project about a group of card counting kids who take in Las Vegas. That is similar to when GMIT students took on Las Vegas for millions…Michael Hall another actor known for "The Breakfast Club" is currently working on the film "Life and Death In Las Vegas" which he wrote and plans to complete the end of this year…Elvis Presley, The King Of Rock and Roll still holds the attendance record at the Las Vegas Hilton. Presley played 837 consecutive sold out shows at the Hotel…Mayor Oscar Goodman the world's most popular Mayor has not changed his mind about removing the homeless from the city parks. According to Goodman the homeless person must get services when Police remove them from the parks after all it cuts down on the crime that is exactly why they don't want mobile soup kitchens in the parks…Johnny Brenden owner of Brenden Theaters located at the Palms Hotel and Casino is planning to produce films here in Las Vegas on a consistent basis. Brenden is a success story in that he worked for everything that he has today even though suffered medical conditions as a child. He did have the guidance of his Uncle Ted Mann of the Mann Theater chains. Today Brenden Theaters signifies the accomplishment of his Uncle…Toni Braxton who's the six-time Grammy Award winning artist has undoubtedly set the pace for new recording artist to perform for an extended engagement in Las Vegas. Her live show "Toni Braxton Revealed" at the Flamingo Hilton brings a renewed energy and prestige to the same stage that Gladys Knight, Wayne Newton and production shows such as City Lights which have graced Las Vegas History.

Paris Hilton—Is She an Entrepreneur?

Paris Hilton who is the heir apparent to the vast Hilton Hotel and real estate dynasty was recently at the Palm's, her favorite place to play. When asked about how Las Vegas has changed and if she missed the Hilton Hotel from its old days, she commented "Nothing stays the same, you know. My parents created the dynasty, which paved the way for elegant hotels." It's been rumored that Paris has undergone plastic surgery. When asked if she would recommend plastic surgery to young people, she stated "that's up to the individual." The young entrepreneur at the age of 25 is working on her new record label "Heiress Records" which is the best way for her to expose her singing talents.

Vivica Fox Rushes Out of Thomas & Mack

Vivica Fox, who plays Nicole Scott the FBI agent on "Missing" was rushed out of the Thomas & Mack the night of the Rahman-Maskaev fight. She said she was shocked when Rahman was knocked out by Maskaev. Fox was, however, pretty cool about signing autographs for her fans. When asked about entrepreneurship, she stated "It takes a lot of hard work and focus. My magazine "Jolie" has been one of my passions for a long time. Like anything, if you have the right guidance and perseverance, you can be successful at whatever you do."

Omar Gooding Hangs Out at Hidden Secrets

Omar Gooding, younger brother of Cuba Gooding Jr., who you may remember as Sweet Pea in "Baby Boy," and who starred in "Candy Shop"—a movie about an egocentric artist who runs a lingerie shop—stopped by Hidden Secrets for their Paradise Sundays. Hidden Secrets, incidentally, is a night club on Sundays, promoted by MC Entertainment and Little Pimpin. I spent a little time with Omar and asked him if it was easier for him to break into movies because of his brother and dad, Cuba Gooding Sr. "It opened the doors for me but if I didn't have the talent, I wouldn't have been able to be at the place I am now." What do you want to do at this point in your career, I asked. "Pete, I want to expand and do other characters because that's the real challenge. If I haven't lived the character, then I have to study the character and put my mind in that state to make the character believable." Omar, by the way, is not a party animal but he does appreciate the finer things in life, such as beautiful ladies.

Iced T Knows His Place

Ice T, who plays a detective on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," was in town for the 3rd Annual Players Toast which was held on Saturday July 22nd. The rapper, who turned actor, said his wife Coco organizes much of his day. When asked about success and what the Players Toast meant, he stated "Where I came from, not everyone had the opportunity that I did. The Players Toast which is produced by longtime friend Michael M.C. Carter and Rick Appling of Rick Appling Films, recognizes players who elevated their lifestyles into legit businesses. I believe in giving back to the community and besides that, we all got skeletons in our closet." Ice T is working on a new CD project and encourages anyone to follow their dreams, regardless of where they come from. He also says to be a doer and be around people who are doers in order to be successful. It's obvious that the man knows where he speaks and certainly knows his place in society. Ice has his own clothing line, promotes a band by the name of "Body Count," appears in movies and speaks to young people around the country. That's what I call success.

Kerkorian is the Man of Vision

He's a billionaire and was partly responsible for improving and landscaping the image of Las Vegas. Kerkorian, the 89-year-old MGM Mirage mogul has visited the Riveria Showroom in recent weeks with none less than 6 body guards and 2 ladies. The visionary has attended the Crazy Girls Topless Review and the Le Cage, Riveria's longest running female impersonation show. Considered to be one of the world's richest men, worth 8.7 billion according to Forbes magazine, Kerkorian is rarely seen on the strip. One of the few occasions that I've witnessed Kerkorian was back when the Desert Inn had a special party with Burton Cohen.

Until then, keep your visions positive and keep positive people around you, and above all know that God is there for you.   


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