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I told friends I would be reviewing The Makino Restaurant, everyone knew it as that “Sushi Place”.  In fact, Makino calls itself “Makino Gourmet Sushi and Seafood Buffet”.  Makino is much more than Sushi.  For the first time I tasted a wide variety of Japanese food.   My world just got bigger; dining at Makino is like a trip to Japan. 

There are other Makino, but I visited their newest Restaurant at Fort Apache & Charleston.  The décor is a mix between understated Japanese, and art deco. You enter the setting of an upside down fishing boat, said to have dumped the fresh catch of the day into Makino's.  The dining is buffet style, but without that Strip hotel feel.  Even at the Bellagio Buffet you get the fast shuffle, it feels like an Army mess hall.  My drill sergeant would say “Chew your food in the mess hall and swallow it on the way back to the barracks”.  Not at Makino, I was there three hours; it is more a high-end restaurant.    

Real guys don’t eat Sushi; it’s girl food, like fruits and veggies.  Give me guy food, like a cheeseburger.  My mother was Jewish and father Italian, so most of the food I know is heavy, like me.  Being Jewish, I love Chinese food, but to my surprise, Japanese food is very different, it is very light.  I never experienced so many wonderful new tastes in one night.  I sound like a hick, but unlike Italian food, Japanese food has never been for the masses, and if anything, I am a mass.

You can see why the Japanese don’t have the over-weight problem we have in America.  Look at all the food; it is fresh seafood, vegetables and lean meats, mostly raw or cooked very little.  Like me, I’m sure many people have never experienced high-end Japanese food.  This is your chance.

Makino's crab tastes like crab!  It’s not the usual buffet stuff, with no flavor and the shell is too soft to crack!  Makino’s Crab is fresh and all their food is quality, prepared in the best Japanese tradition.



Their Sushi is more than California Rolls; it’s everything you can imagine.    They have great deserts too, my favorite, Strawberries topped with Hot Chocolate, yum, yum.




Makino is proud of their Sake bar.  Who knew there are so many different kinds of Sake, it’s like wine tasting in Napa Valley.  They serve it chilled in a wood box.  You pour your shot of Sake in the box, and the Sake wine mixes with the aroma of the wood, to make a wonderful new taste.  If you are a wine connoisseur, try a chilled dry "Mashumi" Sake, truly great especially drinking it out of a BOX!!  Wow, am I learning new things, or what? 


  Mr. Makino is the originator of Nationally Famous "Todai" Japanese Sushi Buffet.  After 25 years, he sold Todai to create Makino.  Some people just don’t get enough.  

I have been to Sushi bars, and Makino is NOT just a Sushi Seafood Buffet.  It is a wonderful experience and I’m bewildered, how could this be the first time I’ve have been to a REAL Japanese restaurant?

Do Japan, in Las Vegas.

Have Lunch or Dinner, or plan a Mashumi Sake BOX party. 

1225 S. Fort Apache (at Charleston Blvd. in Summerlin) Las Vegas, NV 89117• 702-759-0099 3965 S. Decatur Blvd, Suite 5 (NW Corner of Flamingo & Decatur) 702-889-4477
775 S. Grand Central Parkway, Suite 1301 (At Las Vegas Premium Outlets)
Green Valley location is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in Spring 2007.

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