Lucky Chengs Revisited





Lucky Chengs has to be THE bargain of the fabulous Strip! Not only are there not many dinner shows in Las Vegas any more, but a “show alone” cost more (sometimes two or three times more) than dinner AND a show at Lucky Chengs!  

After a warm welcome, from our server/entertainer, Tara, who started our delightful evening on our (VCO’s founder Marleen Marino and I) first visit in October, see review HERE, we were anticipating another fun evening of great food and laughs at a type of show not often seen this side of San Francisco.

“Lucky Chengs revisited” was shared with our friends Jeff and Carol. That’s Carol pictured in front of the Cher look-a-like; (not the one with the beard in front of the Cher look-a-like…. that’s me) and that’s Jeff holding Tara, not the other way around!





We each had a different main course for dinner and no one was disappointed.

Besides Tara, a new set of Female Impersonators, Larry “Hot Chocolate” as Tina Turner and Elana as Cher delighted us this night just as Tara and friends did in our October visit.

Again, some brave soles chosen from the audience, swallowed their pride and at the beckoning of Mistress of Ceremonies Hot Chocolate, tried their best to not make a fool of themselves, all in good fun, and while NOT under hypnosis. “Remember… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I must confess that one of the audience members looked like she had done “this” before (see pole dance picture.)




Lucky Chengs’ won VCO’s Best Dinner show in 2006’s “The Best”. So far this year, they’re still the front runner.

Catch the show any night with Wednesday being the best for locals HALF PRICE!

Check HERE to see October review.



Reviewed by

Frank Marino

3049 Las Vegas Blvd South


(702) 733 - 6444

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