Lisa Donovan



What better way to be greeted at a Cabaret then by the vivacious Jeanne Bavaro and two gorgeous show girls... Only in Vegas!



Jeanne Bavaro (VCO In the Wings columnist) is bringing the good old days (the "Vegas I Love",) back to Vegas, and if you missed the good old days... well hopefully... here they come again! (They really were GOOD old days, just ask anyone who was around then.)

This last Friday evening, January 26th, Jeanne Bavaro of BAVARO ETC. (Exclusive Talent Concepts) debuted her monthly Cabaret Dinner Shows at Josette’s Bistro. The talented Lisa Donovan opened the new venue.

Lisa has appeared many times in Vegas. Her most successful engagement in Vegas was a “three-week" booking at the Desert Inn that developed into a seven-month-long gig. During that stretch, she was billed on the outside marquee and on lighted signs throughout the hotel as "The Sensational Lisa Donovan".





Josette and Lisa sing C'est Si Bon


Ms. Bavaro’s intent is for monthly Cabaret dinner shows that will bring back those golden days of the "Supper Club" era from early Vegas. Which thrills me! I only hope more and more pop up around town. This venue is specifically targeted to locals. Jeanne’s goal is to combine quality talent with fine dining at an affordable price in a small neighborhood venue.

Jeanne stated “Josette's Bistro's food is exquisite and of course, I ONLY associate myself with quality talent!!! I’m very excited about bringing class back to the neighborhoods by way of cabaret and supper club style events.”

Jeanne's plans are to use Josette's Bistro as the template building momentum to two shows the last Friday of each month and then of course, spin them off all around the valley without putting the venues in competition with one another.

Lisa Opened to a full house.
Good friends Bill Acosta and Tony Sacca  

Lisa Donovan with Jeanne Bavaro

Norm Johnson, Lisa Donovan and VCO Publisher Marleen Marino        The lovely Nancy Barr (Physic Eye)
with Norm Johnson

  I was fortunate to sit at a table with some very genial people. Besides sitting next to Las Vegas' own Entertainment Ambassador Tony Sacca, I also sat with a lovely lady, Ronit Medicina,  Ronit happen to have won the evening's "Prize Package" which included a beautiful bottle of champagne (Veuve Clicquot) in an ice bucket! Congrats Linda!

Now everyone knows VCO loves giveaways (we do giveaways all the time), so we would like to send our KUDOS to Josette and company for their generous natures.

Ronit Medicina, Jeanne Bavaro, Josette LeBlond and Lisa Donovan




The sold out premiere show was enjoyed by all with the talented songstress wooing us with her mellow tones… and the food?… what can you say... it was great (but why wouldn’t it be… after all, it’s Josette’s, and one of VCO's Best of 2006.)

This dinner show venue will continue for at least the next 5 months on the last Friday of each month with a new menu and new artist each month. The next dinner show at Josette's is on February 23rd, Janice Hart is the next artist to perform. Janice is a fabulous Impressionist/ Comedienne.

Doors open at 6:00 pm show at 8:30 pm. For more information contact Jeanne at  367-9805 or e-mail her at [email protected].




Lisa Donovan


Marleen Marino


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