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Ti amo Mamma Mia,  Grazie!


I like going out on a Saturday night.  It’s when everyone else is out on the town and you get dressed up.  This time the Boss sent me to review a show I always wanted to see, and I was not disappointed.  I wanted to see The Blue Man Group, once I got to see it, I was sick, what a dumb show.  Not with Mamma Mia, I enjoyed it from start to finish. I liked the big blonde that played mother, but who doesn’t?

I have never cared for movie musicals, but I love going to stage musicals.  There is something wonderful about seeing a stage full of people singing their hearts out. 

Mamma Mia is a love story about a young American girl planning her wedding on a Greek isle.  The poor girl doesn’t know which one of three men that may be her father. Her mother is troubled because the daughter invited all three men to the wedding to sort things out.  

Over 30 million people have seen Mamma Mia, in nine languages, in 130 cities around the world.  Since it’s 1999 opening, worldwide, Mamma Mia has grossed $1.6 Billion Dollars, that’s billion with a “B”.  A Brit, Catherine Johnson, wrote the story and the music comes from the songs of the Swedish group ABBA, with the title coming from their 1975 hit song, Mamma Mia.   This summer Universal Pictures will start shooting a Movie adaptation of Mamma Mia staring Meryl Streep as the big blonde mother. Locations for the picture, London, and of course Greece.

Mamma Mia has 22 of ABBA's hits.  Including Dancing Queen; The Winner Takes It All; Take A Chance On Me; Knowing Me, Knowing You; Money, Money, Money; Super Trouper; I Have A Dream; Thank You For The Music; Chiquitita; I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do; Does Your Mother Know; and Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!  

Think of Mamma Mia as ‘Valley Girl goes Greek’.  It has a HAPPY ENDING and I ‘wuv’ happy endings… who doesn’t?

The Mandalay Bay Theatre is a beautiful room; the sound is great, the chairs are big and comfortable, and there are NO bad seats anywhere in the theatre.


Mandalay Bay Theatre  

Tickets: $110, $82.50 and $49.50 tax inclusive.
Sunday-Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Two Shows at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
Dark Fridays.
  Charge by phone:  1-877-632-7400





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