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After Menopause, Comes Joe Piscopo


The show Menopause and Joe Piscopo share the Las Vegas Hilton’s Shimmer Cabaret; Joe comes on after Menopause at 9:30 p.m. I could sum up Joe Piscopo Live in two words, GREAT TALENT.

Nevertheless, the Boss tells me my reviews are too short, and she would kill me it if this review were just two words. I keep telling her, my stories are 'Info-Snacks'. Short Stories for all the people with short attention spans.

I really enjoyed the show, so I guess I owe it to Joe and the boss to write more. I'm from New York and Joe's from New Jersey. Wow, but I forgot to ask him what exit.

Joe bills the show 'The Way Vegas Used to Be.’  The Hilton still is one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas.  It's not one of those new 'big box' places; you feel human in the Hilton.……not an ant.

I like the ambiance of The Shimmer Cabaret, it's reminiscent of the old Las Vegas lounges of the 50's & 60's. So let's see how it all started, and the way it used to be.

The Hilton started out as a horse track, The Las Vegas Park, in 1953, and closed a few weeks after the opening. It's said, this is the only racetrack where Joe E. Lewis didn't lose money; it wasn't open long enough. By the late '60's Kirk Kerkorian sold the land he owned under Caesars Palace, and bought the 65 acres of the old Las Vegas Park Race Track to build his dream hotel, The International, now The Las Vegas Hilton.    

It cost $60 million dollars to build The International, a huge amount for the time; it had 1500 rooms, and a 2000 seat showroom.  Barbara Streisand opened The International Hotel July 1969.   Elvis followed Streisand and for the next six years, he sold out all of his 700 performances. A standard room at The International started at $20.00 with a top suite going for $100.00.  BACK TO THE FUTURE…

  Who knew Joe Piscopo was so talented!  He is a singer; he played the Piano, Drums, Guitar, Sax, and Flute. He did terrific impersonations, told funny jokes, and had some funny stories of his time on Saturday Night Live.  Joe performed a lot of wonderful "Old Blues Eyes” songs.  He was accompanied by Vincent Falcone, one of Frank Sinatra's musical conductors from the old days.

I hope the Boss is happy with my review, and it's long enough. What more can I say?

Go see Joe Piscopo for yourself; you will not be disappointed. Tell him, The Kid sent yuz.

I’m from New York and Joe’s from New Jersey....  wow, I forgot to ask him "what exit."


BTW, ran into Allen Fawcett, another VCO contributor....

Allen Fawcett and Joe Piscopo   Ira Sternberg with Allen Fawcett  



Las Vegas Hilton  
In the Shimmer Cabaret  
Sunday – Tuesday  
Nights at 9:30 p.m.  
Box Office:
(702) 732-5755 or
(800) 222-5361
Tickets $48.96 Including Tax  



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