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Capo's is Tutto Bene


BATHTUB GIN! THE wild days of speakeasies—a knock on an oaken door—a sliding wooden window panel slips open to check out if the people are patrons or the local coppers.

Whoa! Hey, no, this isn't a movie set—it's a superbly appointed restaurante Italiano named, Capo's. If you don't know your Italian, "capo" means "head." Capo di ma famiglia.

The cuisine—delicioso! Dim lights: illuminating crystal-like pendants that enable the patron to read the menu. The booths secluded, romantic, with curtained fronts.

How does one say anything but 'numero uno' about Capo's? Even as you have their expresso and a snifter of Sambuca Romano with the three prerequisite coffee beans floating in it—your mind, taste buds, and soul become Italiano!

All we can say is "mille grazie" to Capo's Italian Cuisine for an unforgettable evening and dining experience.

The names of the dishes evoke scenarios that are part of the myth of St.Valentine's Day: running boards, black or pinstriped suits, black shirts with white ties and spats. Enrico Caruso would have loved this joint—so would every one of Damon Runyon's characters.

Unique house specialties you can't refuse include: the "Godfather's Filet Mignon," "Goodfella's Picatta." "Made-man" pastas such as "Uncle Paulie's Arrabiata" and "Da Don's Pasta."

Beware—save some room for the last ride, Nana's homemade desserts—and gimme one of those superb cannolis!

Manga with gusto!!!

5795 West Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 436-2276
MAP to Capo's
(For reservations and further information contact: Nico Santucci, Capo di Casa).

      © L. Thaler/T. Zanoff and used with permission.

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