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THE BOSS SEZ, "Check out The Reel Awards." So I say, WOW, now's my chance to do a video interview segment for VCO. I bought the equipment and been wanting to try it, now I have the celebrities to interview, so…I DID IT!

The 16th Annual Reel Awards is a three-day meeting of "The World's Best Celebrity Impersonators." I was skeptical, could this really be a big event? Why would anyone want to be someone else? Most of us have a hard time being us. It's hard being me—I only make it look easy. So why are a big group of people devoted to being celebrities, for money, for fame, or maybe just to get dressed up? I asked the questions, but never got all the answers.

I ran into an old friend, Robert Ensler. I had no idea he was a Celebrity Impersonator. He's a singer, and I knew he worked around town as Dean Martin in the Rat Pack Shows, but never Donald Trump. I was glad to see he wasn't impersonating Cher.

Robert said there are about 300 to 400 "A" list impersonators working around the country, and most of them are at this event. Some of the better impersonators make up to $75,000 a year, or so he says.

I needed help with the interviews and equipment. I enlisted my friends Cindy and her husband Ken. Cindy and I did the interviews, and Ken was the camera & soundman. They both did a great job, and I couldn't have made this video without them. Thank you both very much.

This was a very fun evening—everyone was great. The show was very entertaining; a first-class big band, and the singers were as good as the real thing. It was staged superbly in the Legends in Concert room at the Imperial Palace, where else? I was very impressed. My thanks to Todd Fraser—Todd works for the show—he was very gracious and helpful.

Who knew there was such a big industry devoted to Celebrity Impersonators? But you could fill a Super Tanker with all things I don't know. It's a good thing I have the Boss—she knows everything.


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