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FIRST THINGS FIRST: Dick's Last Resort is certainly not the last resort if you're looking for fun and affordability here in Las Vegas. I doubt that you'll see Paris Hilton and her cell/party mates at Dick's and that for me is plenty reason enough to put Dick's coordinates into the ol' GPS when I'm heading out to party.

Live music? Dick's has it. Great atmosphere? Dick's has it. Let your hair down fun? Dick's REALLY has it!

I can't type one more sentence without mentioning an amazing magician/bartender by the name of CRAIG KEITH who, by the way is listed on page 43 of the Guinness Book of World Records, and who would definitely have an entire chapter if the Guinness folks ever decide to author a book on having fun in Las Vegas. This man does card tricks close enough to you to not only be able to smell your cologne but also to smell your breath. He balances chairs on his chin and does balloon animals that almost speak, rollover, and play dead. All of this whilst mixing a great assortment of cocktails and serving ice cold brewskis. If you go to Dick's and you see Mr. Keith perform and you're not totally amazed then just get a hold of me and I'll contact your next of kin so the newspaper can announce your name and date and location of final services.

The rest of the staff are about as friendly as they can be and very entertaining in their own right. They make huge paper hats with funny sayings on them and place them randomly on heads belonging to those who just aren't quite sure what's happening which makes for a camaraderie and sense of belonging right where you are that is basically what Dick's Last Resort is all about. Fun, frolic, and frivolity (try saying that 3 times quickly after a couple of Dick's delicious drinks) along with outstanding food, an incredible margarita bar, a patio with a good Vegas view and not a pretension in sight makes Dick's Last Resort a whole lot closer to the first choice than the last resort.

There are other Dick's spread across the U.S. of A., but I'm fairly certain that this one at The Excalibur is the centerpiece and rightly so. I'm sure that if there were a decent rhyme for "Dick's Last Resort" the Beach Boys would have found a place for it in Fun Fun Fun. There's a party at Dick's place every night and you owe it to yourself to accept their open invitation.

On fun alone Dick's Last Resort get's a 9 from me.

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Rick Rosen

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