Peter Banks, Austin Powers Impersonator

Peter Banks

  Peter Bank, bounteousness in his charity work  
  passed away on  August 12, 2007 at 2:47 a.m.  









Who would have thought that PETER BANKS would have become such a vital person in and for our industry, in the community and in our lives… He touched so many.

The first time I heard from him, he had arrived to Las Vegas and settled in an apartment.  His telephone call warned me that he was going to turn our town upside down… and I responded “ah-huh…”

Then I saw him on television… What was I seeing!!??  There he was…sitting on top of an open limo, in Austin Powers’ attire, surrounded by costumed showgirls…the driver bringing the little parade, music blaring, down the “Strip” of Las Vegas Blvd.  Needless to say he attracted a lot of attention from the tourists… the media that gathered around him…and even our Mayor who was there to greet him.  Immediately he was interviewed by every TV Network and newspaper… an instant celebrity from somewhere in Florida… and everyone in Vegas suddenly knew him!!

How brazen!! How crazy!! How absolutely creative!! PETER BANKS came to Las Vegas with a bang!! … and soon he appeared wherever there was a cause, a need, a benefit for every charity in town.  He appeared in and produced our Network LiveAid Shows for the victims of the Tsunami in the Philippians and following too soon, close to home, the terrible disaster in New Orleans.  Wherever and whenever there was a need of any kind, Peter was there.  For all of that he very proudly, but humbly, accepted several Humanitarian Awards.

He was the consummate entertainer, promoter, public relations expert and… did I say “Entertainer?” Indeed, Peter’s antics and his performances were fun to watch. He made friends and kept them…

As he lay on his bed at the hospice, he opened the book of CopyCats 2 that Sherie Rae and I brought for him. The cancer in his throat prohibited speech but, as he turned the pages, he pointed to the photos of each of the artists and smiled. Then he found his own photo and his eyes lit up with delight. Later, the nurse said that he spent days looking at the pictures of his peers and often directed the nurses to a few pages in the book…smiling with delight. 

He was so proud to be a part of this industry… He was so proud to be within the camaraderie of his peers… his friends.  Thank you, PETER BANKS, for your friendship… We will miss you…

Bea Fogelman

The Entertainment Network

Las Vegas, NV


A video memorial for Peter Banks

To Celebrate the Life of Peter Banks,
an old fashioned "Wake" was  held at
Peter's favorite Pub
Larry's Hideaway
3369 Thom Blvd. Las Vegas
 on Thursday, August 23rd












  Peter’s Awards

Vegas Community Online – November 2005
"Featured Artist of the Month"

The Reel Award – 2007

Artists Choice Awards – 2007

Best Use of an Impersonator in a Single Event"


Best Use of an Impersonator in a Single Event"



















I am pleased that VCO had the chance to honor this great individual as "Featured Artist of the Month." Peter touched many lives with his bounteousness in charity work as well as the many fans he acquired with his Austin Powers impression and more.

Below is just an example of how happy, fun loving and full of life Peter was.

Learn more about Peter HERE

Rest in peace Peter, you have left many friends behind, our thoughts are all with you!

Marleen Marino, VCO Publisher




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