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Kid Cary


 I ate too much at Gordie Brown’s First Anniversary

The Boss got me an invite to Gordie Brown’s First Anniversary at the Venetian, he celebrated with a show and a party.

Brown started out as a political cartoonist for the Ottawa Sunday Herald.  He entered a talent contest, won first place, and changed his career.  Gordie then left for Vegas, met Paul Anka and Rich Little, and became their opening act. He has worked with Kenny Rogers, Barry Manilow, Jerry Seinfeld, and many more…


I keep saying that I’m not going fill up at these After-Parties, but when the food is so good....what would you do? 

Thanks Gordie, for a real great night, I just wish I had more self-control with the food.


VIDEO NOTE:  In the past, all my videos in clubs were dark.  So I shot this video with a Sony Camera using their ‘Nightshot Plus’ mode.  Now you can see all the action, but it looks like a grainy black & white film, think of it as Film Noir. 

Venetian Hotel


The Venetian Showroom $74+ Tax.


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