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Sometimes The Boss Goes Too Far


Tony Sacca, Tony Sacca, Tony Sacca, no matter how many times you repeat it, he’s still not a household name.  But I’ve been a fan since the first time I saw him and his twin brother; they had a local TV show back in the early 80’s.  Tony is, and always has been, the brunt of many mean jokes about his talent, or lack of it.  


Whatever they say about Tony Sacca, I think all these people are jealous.  Sure he’s not a great singer, can’t tell a joke, not much stage presence, but he’s better than a Quaalude for insomnia.  And who cares?   He has made a name for himself in Las Vegas, and an honest living for over 25 years.  It’s nice to see a local boy make good. 


But sometimes The Boss goes too far, she asked me to escort her to Tony’s 22nd annual “Christmas in Las Vegas” show at the Stratosphere.  The stage, the band, and the guests, were all very good.  Tony was in good voice, and sang very well.  But the event was being taped for Tony’s TV show, so there was no continuity.   Each “act” came out and performed for five minutes, with no interaction with Tony.   Even Ed Sullivan talked to his guests; hey Tony is no Ed Sullivan.  During the show, I had to get up and walk around a few times just to stay awake.


My mother always told me I could be successful at anything, if I just put my mind and effort behind it.  She was right, everyone has some talent; you need desire and hard work.  I didn’t listen to her, but Tony did.  Hey, what’s Tony doing talking to my mother? 


I don’t know Tony, he sometimes says “Hi” as we pass at a party.  The only thing we have in common, we both have French girl friends.  But you have to give the guy credit, he has put his mind and effort behind being a performer, and by anyone’s scorecard, he has been reasonably successful. 


Hell, this Christmas Tony is playing the White House with his kids.  Most of his critics, including myself, would be lucky to play an “Out House” in Pahrump this Christmas.


Tony, and all the performers donate their time and talent to the show, with all the proceeds going to “The Youth Foundation For The Performing Arts” and to “Helen Joy’s Young Entertainers” for scholarships.  





So Good Luck Tony, my mother would be proud of you. 


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