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Envy The Steakhouse


The appropriately named Envy Steak House is one of Vegas’ best-kept dining secrets…. Last week Jeff Starr, of VCO’s “A Little Off he Top” and I, had the pleasure of dining at “Envy The Steak House” at the Renaissance Hotel on Paradise Road, near the Convention Center.


The first thing that greets your eyes upon entering, is an impressive floor to ceiling wine cabinet. The approximately 40 ft display tended to whet our appetite for an anticipated evening of culinary delights.     We were not disappointed……




We were greeted by a gracious hostess and shown to our seats in a dining area with enough lighting to see your dining companion (s) and read the menu, but not bright, like a breakfast café…. One gets a sense of class, not “stuffed shirt” class, but the type of establishment to impress a business client or a date (or your wife) or even your in-laws, pure CLASS.


At this point we experienced the only negative (an inconsistency, actually) of the evening. For we then noticed two different styles of chairs throughout the dining area…… We could not ascertain a rhythm or reason for this somewhat minor distraction…


We were promptly greeted by our server, Joey, who proved to be not only friendly and courteous, but knowledgeable of  the whole menu. He presented to us with an expansive wine list and the dinner menu.


After making our wine selection, we were greeted by Envy’s Manager/mSommelier, Anett Minderman. She offered to answer any questions and told us about an “Envy exclusive”, the recently introduced 4 course “Champagne Dinner for Two”.  Her description of the appetizer, main course, dessert and four different champagnes served with each course, made my taste buds percolate, just as they are now, writing about it……


Anett then introduced us to Executive Chef Stephen Kauth’s Chef De Cuisine Aaron

Losch. Chef Losch told us about the 4 sample dishes he told Joey to recommend to us.


As a self-professed steak house connoisseur I will go over the menu and the actual dining experience we had, followed by my (famous) Star rankings………..



Our dinner choices were:

The sample items that Chef Losch had us try were superb……..Our appetizers’ included Envy‘s Signature Tuna and Crabmeat Dynamite and Angus Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Mustard Aioli.


Soup served was - Split Pea Vermont Cheddar and Prosciutto, and for our salad we had Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs with Crispy Pancetta and Baby Spinach.


Our main courses were:  For Jeff, Prime Bone-In Ribeye, 19 oz. and I, a Black Angus Filet and Wasabi and Sesame Crusted Tuna, Surf and Turf.


Our sides dishes included Truffle Mac & Cheese and believe it or not "the pièce de résistance" which is Envy's Signature Truffle Reggiano Fries. Now I usually don't talk about and for sure I don't rave about potatoes while doing a review of a steak house, but, these fries were the best I have ever tasted, EVER! Quite different and one can make a meal out of the large portioned Reggiano Fries.


The desserts were quite unique also: Strawberry & Vanilla Soup… different and delicious, Cappuccino Custard with Chocolate Dipped Biscotti (great to dunk in my coffee)… Summer Fruit Cobbler and my favorite was a  Lavender Milkshake, don't ask me to explain only that it was delicious with a capital D!


My Star ranking are …..

    Atmosphere ½  


    Wine List   
    Menu ½  
    Prices ½  

(relative to other top rated steak houses)

    Served courses appearance  
    Overall food palatability  
    Overall Ranking ½  

Envy, which opened in 2004 has seating for 178 people, including a chef’s table in a private booth with a view of the open kitchen for VIP guests………


One draw back for Envy is a lack of conspicuous lighted signage on Paradise Road that allows you to almost drive past, unless you know its there……. I get the feeling that it is a temporary thing, that will be remedied once construction in the area is completed.


All in all, in a city renowned for its innovated steak houses, Envy stands out as one of the top 2 2 or 3…

Treat you and yours to an evening at Envy's and be the "envy" of all your friends....
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