Debbie Hall
Dick’s Last Resort


Known as “the Shame O’ the Strip,” “the joint your mama warned you about,” and “you can’t kill a man born to hang,” this raunchy, rowdy, in-your-face, boisterous restaurant and bar brings new meaning to the word “party.”  And it is a party! 

The cuisine is a combination of bar food, entertainment, “Animal House,” “I’m all that” attitude and really living “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Chicken fingers, wings, ribs, and not only starters but “dinna,” as it is called, is also served.  You could order Pork Bonerz “which is like a rib but betta.”  There is Half-a-Chicky, Crabby Cakes, Case O’ King Crabs and Goldy Fry’d Catfish.  The three major food groups of meat, frys and slaw come with every meal.  There is Dick’s Picks of Dolly Parton, which is two voluptuous Chicky breasts, or Love Me Tenders, or Ride ‘em Cowboy Ribeye.  Salads are called Roughage and dessert includes Not Yo Mama’s Cheezecake.  

But Dick’s Last Resort is more than buckets of finger foods, it is a total experience.  Think of actually living in “2 ½ Men,” “The Simpsons,” and “Married with Children.”  The wait staff is rude, outrageous, silly and spontaneous. Beware of the hats the wait staff will make for you out of white butcher paper, very tall and very big with sayings like, “Yes, they’re real” (see my photo).  Or if you ask for a glass of water, the answers you will get! But it is all done in great humor. 

One of the funniest shows I have ever seen was the recreation of the Bellagio Water show behind the bar.  Our bartender took off his shirt (and he is a big guy), showing a thong under his jeans and using the “bar gun” (which dispenses water and soda), to an operatic song; he squired, sprayed, drank, sang and soaked himself.  


This is a great place to let loose, laugh out loud, eat everything you want (whether it is good for you or not) and just be rowdy, ill-mannered, rude (along with the wait staff) and not have to tell your mom anything!  Yes, Dick’s Last Resort is the place your mamma warned you about! 


Dick's Last Resort

Excalibur Hotel and Casino

3850 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV, 89109


Hours: Daily with various closing hours

Happy Hour: Daily, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. 


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