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Marino’s Attracts Everyone



Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino, a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, is known to millions as a football legend. Marino has established himself as a restaurateur not only in Florida but also in Nevada.


Dan Marino’s Fine Food & Spirits is located in the zesty, Hooters Hotel and Casino off the Las Vegas Strip — something that surprises even the most liberal-minded. While the Hooters servers go about the casino with drinks for patrons, Marino’s presents a bit of that South Beach, Miami, feel and incorporates some of the touch of Philly, his hometown, with picturesque walls showing photos of that area in a tile montage.


Marino’s is definitely a place where young and old enjoy the cuisine and the knowledgeable food servers. The big special running now is the Baby Back Ribs, all-you-can-eat for just $16.99.  There’s no fooling around here; even the biggest eaters can barely finish two slabs.


Let’s not forget about the entire contemporary dining journey here. I loved the dish I tried. They raised the bar on their Salmon Stack, blackened and cooked with honey, lime and molasses — a very different taste, especially with the fish seasoning. For those with a salt-restricted diet, Marino’s will accommodate your needs, simply order the dish without the seasoning.



The steak entrées weren’t quite as delectable as the other dishes my party tried, but the appetizers were fabulous. I had Scallops in Whiskey Sauce and the crispy Calamari Marino. With all this good food, I could barely finish my strawberry shortcake.


For more information, call (702) 597-6028 or visit    



My book of poetry entitled "Messages" was inspired by my dear friends C.J. Cansler along with Victoria Boone and Beryl Warren.


The group of poems along with some beautiful photographs are to inspire the reader.

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