Kid Cary
For People That Can't Cook Italian


The Boss called, she wanted me to review an Italian restaurant on the west side, Bertolini's Authentic Trattoria.  I love to eat Italian food, but I cook it at home, not go out for it.  This review is for people who can’t cook Italian

Bertolini's is part of the Morton’s Restaurant chain; it’s a relatively new restaurant, ultra-modern, on west Sahara, near Fort Apache.  The place is very light and open, with big writing on the menu, so it was easy to read.  

Did you know that 70% of people that eat out, eat at chain restaurants?  Not that this is all bad, but most food in chain restaurants today is for the masses.  It seems everyone is allergic or can’t eat some food item, wheat, MSG, sugar, salt you name it.  Restaurants are paranoid to serve anything that may affect anyone badly.

This paranoia doesn’t work with many ethnic foods, Chinese, Mexican or Italian.  It’s not new, many years ago my mother would cook dinner for my buddies, and her Italian food was too spicy for them.  Later I would cook Italian for roommates; they didn’t like the large pieces of peppers, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables I would use in my sauce.  They wanted vegetables cut to the size of peas. 

I dated a nurse, and the Jewish doctors she worked with would invite me to parties just to review the catering.  It was such a long time since they had their mother’s cooking; they forgot how real Jewish food tasted.

I’m telling you all this because the Italian food at Bertolini's is good, but it’s not your Godfather’s Italian food.  For example, the “Traditional Caesar Salad” was void of Anchovies.  I asked the waiter about the missing Anchovies, he said, “Not many people like them, but on request, we will bring you some on the side.” 

I’m getting carried away with this critic stuff; so let me say some nice things about Bertolini's. Open kitchen, friendly staff, Frank Sinatra background music, good bread, fresh flowers, and cozy booths with lighting that makes women look pretty, or maybe just better.  Could be the wine…..


If you can’t cook Italian food and want a pleasant meal, try Bertolini's.  Or as my Italian aunts would say, “Mangiare, Mangiare.”

Bertolini's Authentic Trattoria.


9500 West Sahara Avenue
West Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone: 702-869-1540
Fax: 702-869-1538

11am - 10pm Monday - Thursday
11am - 11pm Friday - Saturday
11am - 9pm Sunday

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