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The Sopranos’ Last Supper


It doesn’t matter whether you watched The Sopranos or not, gangsters are part of our culture and there is a certain fascination with the mob.  The Sopranos is now an interactive show with singing, dancing, audience participation and a big party.  Originally at Krave, the Sopranos Last Supper has moved to the Riviera Hotel and Casino and recently celebrated with a 2nd Birthday Bash on Tuesday, May 6. 


There was a dinner at Ristorante Italiano with the characters of the show including Uncle Junior, Meadow, De De Diamond, Bobby, Dr. Melfi and others going from table to table to “talk” with the guests.  The food was Italian, plentiful and very good.  But the attention is with the cast and becoming part of the world of the Sopranos. 


One of the big thrills was the appearance of Steven R. Schrippa, the “real” Bobby Baccalieri, Jr., during dinner where he signed autographs, posed for photos with the fans and gave support to the production’s “Bobby.”  Steven looked every bit the part of Bobby and really added to the excitement of the evening. 




The Bada Bang is located on the second floor where Tony and the guys “hide out” while in Vegas.  I couldn’t believe I got my big chance to become “made” into the mob with the chance to “audition” for the Bada Bang Club before the show.  There I was up on stage, bumping and grinding with mob guys, and I was picked to work the Bada Bing Club beginning next week! I’m in show business!  Watch out!  I was also there celebrating the birthday of my dear friend, Baby, of the radio talk show, On Your Mind, with co-host Schree enjoying the evening as well.


There was Tony, the boss, in his familiar boxers and robe standing at his mailbox reading the morning paper about his impending arrest. As Tony complains about his predicament in a session with Dr. Melfi, the boys are hanging around the pork store planning who is going to take over the family when Tony goes “away.”  Meadow is complaining about her father’s girlfriend and Junior is losing his mind.  Just another day in the life of the Sopranos.


But The Sopranos Last Supper is so much more.  During the 90 minute show, the audience is dancing or singing much of the time and the characters are true to the television series but still filled with surprises.  Everyone is so good at capturing the essence of the show but with a comic twist.  But be warned, there is adult language, so while this is a “family,” this is not a family show. But if you want a party, this is the place to come! 


Performances are Tuesdays through Sundays, 6:00 p.m.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with General Admission $65 per person, plus taxes and fees.  For dinner at Ristorante Italiano and The Soprano’s Last Supper VIP seating, the cost is $95 per person plus taxes, fees and gratuities. 


For ticket information, call the Riviera Box Office at 702-794-9433,, or

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