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The Boss called, and asked me to review a show at the Riviera, “The Soprano’s Last Supper.”  I’m happy to go, but I know nothing about the Soprano’s.  She said, “You must be the only person in America that has not seen The Soprano’s.”   I told her I don’t have cable TV.   She said, “Don’t tell anyone you don’t have cable, people will think you’re goofy, EVERYONE HAS CABLE.”

Why does it matter if I don’t have cable TV?  I don’t care what other people think, free television stinks today, and cable TV stinks even more.  Cable TV is nothing but crappy shows with long commercials, and after 11:00pm most of the networks program info commercials all night long.  Since I stay up late, what good is cable for me?


So here goes, a review of The Soprano’s Last Supper, by a guy with no cable TV.  The show is billed as an, “Interactive musical based on the TV series”.  So far I have two strikes against me, I don’t know what “Interactive Musical” means, and I never saw the TV series, because I don’t have cable.

The show takes place in a nightclub called “The Bada Bang” and for the first fifteen minutes the performers as the cast of characters from the TV series do a bunch of dialog that only an avid fan would understand.  Needless to say, I understood nothing.  Even if I did have cable, I would never watch a soap opera TV show, hell, I never saw “Dallas” and that was on free TV.


But now I know what interactive musical means, after all the dialog, we get music, old songs and wonderful singers.  The actors circle around the tables of The Bada Bang and invite you to dance; this is where the interactive comes in.



This is a fun cast of very talented kids, and I had a good time singing and dancing with them.  So, you don’t need cable, and you don’t need to see The Soprano’s TV series to have a good time at The Soprano’s Last Supper. 


Don’t tell the Boss I told you I don’t have cable TV, or we all could Get Wacked


See my video, before it goes to cable TV.



The Soprano’s Last Supper Comedy Club Showroom Tuesday - Sunday, 6 pm $65 per person plus applicable tax and fee

Includes a delicious pre-show Italian Dinner with the actors­, VIP show seating $95 per person
plus applicable tax and fee

Must be at least 18 years of age to attend

Ticket Information at the Box Office or call (702) 794-9433


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