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Some people think a critic’s life is easy.  Well, it’s not, going to all the big shows and eating in all the top restaurants in Las Vegas is tough.  First, many of the shows and restaurants, big and small, are not very good. 

Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos no longer own their restaurants, the hotels rent out space to outsiders.  All these new restaurants with their big name chefs pay a hefty price to be in a Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.  Many of these restaurants think because they have a big name, they are better than they really are, I’ve been sick for days after eating in a few of these places. 

So, it’s my pleasure to review a delightful restaurant, Texas de Brazil.  It’s a “Churrascaria” which is Brazilian for Steakhouse.  This concept has been around for years, and I never heard of it, so once again there’s a ton of stuff I know nothing about.

The restaurant is beautiful, with gorgeous flowers everywhere.  The menu is one price for the entire meal $45.00. 

You start with a wonderful salad bar.   It’s really a shame to call it a salad bar, because there are so many different foods that you never see anywhere else.

After the salad, men with meat on big sewers come by your table one after another.  They have every variety flame grilled meat you can think of.  They carve all you want of big hunks of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and sausage.  Unfortunately, they don’t give out doggy bags.

Please enjoy my video of our dining experience....


Texas de Brazil is on the north side of the New Town Square Shopping Center.
6333 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas NV 89119
Phone #702-614-0080

They are only open for Dinner, Lunch coming soon.

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