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The Tout's Wrap-up


Even though both teams and all four members of the Beauties and the Beasts, (Mystic Mona, Casey, The Mouth and this Tout) enjoyed trying to out wit and out handicap each other again this NFL season, we all fell below .500 with our selections....

The Mouth came closest at 23-26-2 .469, with yours truly just a hair behind at 22-26-3 .458.

I know we will all do better (perhaps after taking an on-line "sports handicapping 101" Course) next season. Itís either that, or revert to a dart board to make our picks.....

The Super Bowl is just three weeks from Sunday. I believe that the best "value bet to win the "big one" at his point is the team with the most momentum the Philadelphia Eagles at about 15 to 1. They of course, have to get past last year's champs, The New York Giants on Sunday...

Talk to you a week from next Friday, with some insight on the Super Bowl.

The Tout


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