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Java Detour, which has been in Las Vegas for about three years, is a not just ANY coffee place but one uses only 100 percent organic, Fair Trade coffee, teas and espresso beans and is also hormone free. Java Detour freshly roasts all coffee beans in-house for true coffee connoisseurs.    

Michael Bellis owns two of the three Java Detour locations in Las Vegas, buying the corporate-owned location at 6087 S. Pecos Road (on the corner of Pecos & Patrick) in July 2008 and building one in the Molasky Corporate Center at 100 City Parkway by the World Market Center in August 2008. Bellis, a former IT executive with a Masters degree in Business Management and his wife, with a Masters degree in Education, moved from New York to Las Vegas and decided to leave technology and own a Java Detour franchise.  According to Bellis, “It was so easy to go from IT to coffee because the franchise itself is so hands-on and so attentive to their franchisees that it was an easy transition and the product sells itself.” 

“Our mission is 100 percent organic and never over-roasted.  Our darkest roast is a medium blend coffee so our coffee is never bitter,” Bellis said.  “What sets us apart is we are organic and doing the green. For example, our paper cups don’t use sleeves since that is extra paper that is being wasted. We serve double thick, insulated cups and made from recycled paper. We are all about going green and organic.” 

Java Detour also takes great pride in all of the beverage flavors it can offer. “We as a company have a number of Tirani-flavored syrups. We are able recreate any flavor for our customers, whether it is from Starbucks or anywhere else and usually at a savings to our customers. We want to make our customer so satisfied since it is never over-roasted, bitter and is customized for them. A number of customers will come in and request certain flavors and create their own drink.  If a customer wants an Almond Joy coffee flavor, we can do that.  We can do a flavor they never tasted before like peanut butter and banana.  We as a company are so close-knit that we have the resources to find those flavors. Our signature flavors are Oreo lattes and white chocolate mocha specials.  We cater to everyone’s needs and likes with flavors,” Bellis said 

Bellis is proud to be a part of this franchise and said, “What made me fall in love with the company is that our drink can be hot, iced, or frozen, regardless of the flavor. For every drink requested, it can be done in three different ways.  It could be over ice; we can blend it up and make it a shake, or make it hot.” 

Another area of pride for Bellis is that the majority of drinks can be created to be kid friendly. “If you are ordering the drink for a kid, we can take out the coffee ingredient and you won’t be giving that child caffeine to drink.” 

With his business Bellis strives, “to be flexible and pride ourselves on giving a great cup of coffee and having an attentive staff that knows you and your drink as soon as you walk into that door. I want my staff to say, “hi there, are you having your white chocolate double mocha today?’ and have the customer say, ‘well, yes I am.’  My employees know my customers. The best part of owning these stores is the drinks that set us apart, the ability to change or recreate drinks and to know our customers. We are so small and close-knit that we are able to change toward the customer’s need versus whatever is on the menu and that is it.” 

Java Detour also offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items including bagels that are delivered fresh each morning as well as breakfast sandwiches and paninis throughout the day, not just during breakfast hours. “Our breakfast sandwiches are made with fresh eggs, real cheese, fresh meat and come on bagels or croissants. We offer five different Paninis as well. 

Our drinks should only take 60 seconds to make from order to pick-up and our sandwiches will only take up to two minutes to make,” Bellis said.  This fits their motto, “coffee at the speed of life.” 

Molasky Corporate Center
100 City Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702.586.2103
Store Hours:
6:00 Am To 5:00 Pm Monday - Friday
Pecos Rd.
6087 S. Pecos Rd. (corner of Pecos and Patrick)
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Phone: 702.450.0032
(702) 423-9598 (Phone)

Store Hours:  
5:00 Am To 8:00 Pm Monday - Friday 
6:00 Am To 8:00 Pm Saturday 
6:00 Am To 8:00 Pm Sunday


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