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Serendipity 3 Opens at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas


Serendipity 3, one of New York City’s most beloved eateries with more than 50 years of history, opened at Caesars Palace on April 6.  Situated nearest the Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo Road corner, and adjacent to the iconic fountains of Caesars Palace, Serendipity 3 offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience. 

Defined as “…the art of making happy discoveries, or finding the unexpectedly pleasant by chance or sagacity,” serendipity describes three young men living in New York City who pooled their combined fortunes of three hundred dollars and, in 1954, staked a claim to a location on East 58th Street. This quaint ice cream shop would come to be known as Serendipity 3 (“3” refers to its founders.)  The restaurant opened with four tables, sixteen chairs, and a towering espresso machine.  In no time, the line formed stretching around the block.  Artist Andy Warhol declared Serendipity his favorite sweet spot and often exchanged drawings for his meals.  In the 1960s, the gentlemen moved the popular sweetshop to a cozy two-story town house on East 60th Street.  Highlighted by colorful Tiffany-style glass lamps set against white washed walls and appointed with Nineteenth century vintage furniture, Serendipity became known as a sophisticated yet comfortable café with eccentric style and oversized desserts.  

From its conception to today, Serendipity is a frequent hot spot for celebrities from Cher and Cameron Diaz to Anderson Cooper and Barbra Streisand.  Serendipity also has been spotlighted in the John Cusack/Kate Beckinsale feature film “Serendipity” and many other TV shows including HBO’s “Sex and the City” and “Oprah.” 

The new Caesars Palace location will offer guests a whimsical café with many similarities to its New York location.  The over-the-top desserts and sweets are perfect for the ultimate indulgence and comfort food. 

The restaurant overlooking the Las Vegas Strip with its large windows, offers the ultimate Vegas dining experience in the dining room or on its three terraces topped with bright pink and orange awnings. Oversized lighting fixtures and a rainbow of color accent the interior, which seats 98 patrons at white chairs with colorful accents.  Table appointments are reminiscent of the original shop.  A showcase cocktail bar area will provide 10 bar seats, and a large retail space will display a unique collection of specialty items.  The large exterior patios will seat 150 diners with nearly 100 seats Strip side. 

The menu will consist of many of the popular favorites including the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, Forbidden Broadway Sundae and A Summer Bries sandwich to name a few.  The signature Frrrozen Hot Chocolate provides an icy, rich cocoa flavor with more than 20 varieties of chocolate served spilling over the edges. For many years, the recipe of this sinful treat was kept secret; even Jackie Kennedy could not persuade the founders to part with the formula for a White House gala.  The Forbidden Broadway Sundae boasts chocolate blackout cake, ice cream and hot fudge topped with whipped cream.  Sliced turkey, apples, cranberry mayo and brie cheese served open-faced on raisin pumpernickel bun comprise the Summer Bries sandwich. 

Unique menu selections have been created especially for the Caesars Palace location including: Las Vegas themed Strip Steak Sandwiches, Cotton Candy Cocktails and the Jackpot Sundae.  The Las Vegas Strip Steak Sandwiches include: 

    * Steakhouse Sandwich “Oscar Style” – NY Steak, crab, asparagus, jack cheese and béarnaise;

    * The One-N-Only Las Vegas Buffet Steak Sandwich – five varieties of Steak Sandwich in Italian, Japanese, French, Mexican and the Good ‘Ol USA (Five Steak Sandwiches in One);

    * Breakfast Steak Sandwich –NY Steak, sunny side up eggs, black peppered smoked bacon and cheddar cheese. 

The visually stunning Cotton Candy Martinis are offered in three flavors: pear, apple and peach.  The Jackpot Sundae is designed to resemble a casino roulette wheel, with chocolate and strawberry ice cream, hot fudge, strawberry sauce and chocolate chips. 

Offered in both the New York and Las Vegas locations is The Golden Opulence Sundae, which was created to celebrate Serendipity’s 50th anniversary, is priced at $1,000. This sundae holds the Guinness World Record as the “most expensive dessert” ever to be created, and the over-the-top creation takes an hour to construct.  Designed to be shared by-money’s-no-object sweet lovers, this foot-tall super sundae displayed in a crystal goblet comes with five scoops of rich Tahitian vanilla ice cream, topped with 23K edible gold leaf, rare chocolates made from cocoa beans found only on the Venezuelan coast, and an array of exotic fruits. 

Hours of Operation:  Open Sunday-Thursday 11a.m. to 11p.m. and Friday & Saturday 11a.m. to 12 midnight.  For reservations, call 702.731.7266

Serendipity 3
Caesars Palace LAS VEGAS
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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