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Peepshow, the new production extravaganza at Planet Hollywood starring Mel B. and Kelly Monaco is a feast for those who appreciate singing, dancing and good old fashioned mostly naked girls. I can't help but think my publisher might better have sent a reviewer whose eyes wandered away from the ladies from time to time, as there was a plethora of activity I undoubtedly missed; fortunately I took my wife along and she has helped fill in some of the blanks.

The theme loosely follows a young innocent girl (Ms. Monaco) in search of her Prince Charming, with a variety of skits revolving on fairy tale venues inhabited by very adult characters. The girls begin each number in costume and gradually rid themselves of most everything by the time it concludes. There is plenty for the ladies to gawk at as well; along with the dozen gorgeous girls there are three very hunky guys who get plenty of work.


Mel B. who acts as Kelly's guide through the maze of finding love is a true star. As one who watched her on Dancing With The Stars, I marveled at how remarkably different she looks now. She is absolutely scintillating and God knows how many hours she put into getting into such phenomenal shape. She sings up a storm and plays the temptress to the hilt. In fact, her backup singers are exceptional as well. I feel much of the music could have been more familiar, but even the original songs were pleasant and certainly performed with great energy and talent.   


As a named performer, Kelly Monaco was the evening's only disappointment. The producers would do well to find her a bit more to do than prance around the stage in her nightgown looking pretty. I kept waiting for her to bust out of her shell and get wild but it never happened. This was a minor annoyance however as the rest of the cast more than made up for her. I don't want to give too much away but there are two vignettes that stick out. One where a group of cheerleaders wind up bathing in a milk tank that will knock your socks off and another where a hunk in a bathtub winds up giving new meaning to "rope climbing". Its a performance more than worthy of Cirque du Soleil!


I remember as a teenager growing up in Detroit sneaking into the Empress Burlesque and how exciting that was. Now, some 40 years later when in your face sex is everywhere to be found I couldn’t help but think back to those much tamer times, when the promise of a glimpse was more fun than just flat out strip club nudity. Peepshow is provocative, not raunchy: sexy, but classy and just flat out fun. A treat for women as well as us guys. My wife loved it. See it!!!


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