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What do you say about a funny drag queen that does tricks?  She’s tall, intelligent, well dressed, with a charming smile, and is all woman.   Well, maybe not, but close enough from 30 feet away. 

Poof, before your very eyes, you have Cashetta the Queen of Magic.  Cashetta claims to be the only drag queen magician in the World.  Quite a distinction, but I claim to be The Hot Dog Champion of the Universe, so this is The American Dream for each of us.

With so many of the same shows on the Strip, this one is very different, and very entertaining.   Cashetta sings, and banters with the audience.  She dressed a guy from the audience in drag and had him perform a magic trick with her.  Her act includes cards that disappear and reappear in unlikely places, a gypsy rope illusion and some fancy stuff with a five-foot balloon.   The magic is only a vehicle for all the double entendre jokes. 

I loved seeing Cashetta prance around the stage in her gowns.  She had a few costume changes during the show, but I thought the first dress made her look much thinner than the black gown. 

Cashetta is really Scott Weston and he has worked all around the country and cruise ships.  For some strange reason entertainers still think Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world.  So performers from all over the world, and their backers, if there are any, put up tons money to rent time at the Harmon Theater and other venues around town.  I guess Las Vegas on your resume must still mean you’ve made it to someone, or maybe just yourself. 

The Harmon Theater has two showrooms; Cashetta is performing in the “good” room. In this room, the bartenders are also in drag.  I had a great time; Cashetta’s one-woman show was fun, smart, and not a drag at all.   Go see for yourself.  

Showtimes: Monday through Saturday at 7p.m.

Where: Harmon Theater

The entrance to the Harmon Theater is on Harmon Street on the south side of Planet Hollywood & The Miracle Mile Shops.

Tickets:  $44.95 + tax / VIP $59.95 includes all-you-can-drink.

Harmon Theater Phone: 702-836-0836



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