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It’s time for CineVegas!


11th Year - June 10th – June 15th


CineVegas 2009 is on a shorter schedule (anyone guess why?) The schedule is full of Shorts and unusual films you most likely won’t see anywhere else. Excerpts from the schedule highlight the shorts programs and some films that sound like they may be winners…let’s find out.


The After Party schedule is also strong, and this year’s Honorees, Willem Defoe and John Voight are joined by some newcomers, and less known filmmakers like The Kuchar brothers and Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago.


There are no educational panels this year, however the ‘Drive-In’ movie downtown, with a vintage flick, survived. Another unfortunate scheduling snafu from the shortened schedule has UNLV and CSN right up against each other, instead of on succeeding nights, as usual. Most of the films repeat, so that still allows freedom for your work schedules.


Definitely catch some of these offerings.


CineVegas Press release, and information on Jon Voight and Willem Defoe follow.


Passes, Ticket Packages and Individual Movie Tickets Available, as well as new Day Pass


LAS VEGAS – The Box Office for the 2009 CineVegas Film Festival opens on Monday, June 1, where passes, ticket packages and individual tickets can be purchased. The CineVegas Box Office is located at the Brenden Theatres at the Palms Casino Resort, and will be open from 12pm – 6pm from June 1 – June 9, and

9:30am – 11pm from June 10 – 15. 


Festival passes, ticket packages and individual tickets are also still available for purchase at and by calling 888-8VEGAS8. Local, senior, student and military discounted packages are also available. 


In addition, a new Day Pass is now being offered, which allows guests to experience all that CineVegas has to offer for only $40. The Day Pass can be purchased for any day from Thursday, June 11 – Sunday, June 14, and includes three films, Happy Hour in CVHQ at the Palms (except for Thursday) and the official evening party.  


All individual movie tickets are $10 per person, except for the June 10th opening night world premiere of Saint John of Las Vegas, which cost $25 each. This ticket also includes entry into the opening night after party at Privé. Tickets to the special screening of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, at an outdoor drive-in theater in downtown Las Vegas on Monday, June 15, are also $10 each and include entry into the after party at Sidebar.  


The full screening and event schedule is now available online through B-Side. Festival fans are also encouraged to watch the trailers for some of this year’s films online at  


About CineVegas  The 11th Annual CineVegas Film Festival will be held June 10 – 15, 2009 at the Palms Casino Resort and Brenden Theatres in Las Vegas. The CineVegas Film Festival is a platform for artists and art lovers who are drawn to the edge. Held amidst the unique, unpredictable and intoxicating environment that is Las Vegas, the CineVegas Film Festival pushes the boundaries of cinema. The Festival annually presents work by innovative, uninhibited, and renegade artists to an audience of local and national film lovers, journalists, and film industry representatives. Robin Greenspun serves as the festival’s President, Trevor Groth serves as Artistic Director and Dennis Hopper serves as the Chairman of the Creative Advisory Board. For more information on the CineVegas Film Festival, please call 888-8VEGAS8 or visit


2009 CineVegas Honorees   


CineVegas will honor two actors, two directors and two video game design pioneers at the 2009 Festival, it was announced today by Trevor Groth, Artistic Director.




Jon Voight will be given the Marquee Award, recognizing his artistic excellence, professional accomplishment and dedication to cinema. Willem Dafoe will be honored with the Vanguard Actor Award, which honors the distinctive mark he has made in film through his brave performances. The Vanguard Director Award will be given to George and Mike Kuchar, which recognizes their distinctive vision and ability to make films without compromise.


In addition, CineVegas will be honoring Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago with the inaugural Planet Illogica Award for Excellence in New Media. This award is for artists working in the realm of video gaming who have pushed the boundaries of storytelling in their field.


The awards will be given out on Sunday, June 14 at the CineVegas Awards Reception, to be held at Rain Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort.


“What an honor it is for CineVegas to have the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of these esteemed actors, directors and artists at our 11th annual Festival,” stated Groth. “In addition to paying tribute to such powerful acting forces as Jon Voight and Willem Dafoe, as well as two pioneers of underground cinema the Kuchar Brothers, we are also proud to partner with Planet Illogica to award Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, two revolutionaries in the video gaming design world, for their outstanding achievement in the world of new media and as trailblazers in a compelling new era of storytelling.”


Jon Voight has had a long and distinguished career as both a leading man and, in recent years, a character actor, with an extensive and compelling range in both film and television. He came to prominence at the end of the 1960s, with a performance as a would-be hustler in 1969's Best Picture winner, Midnight Cowboy, for which he earned his first Academy Award® nomination. Throughout the following decades, Voight built his reputation with an array of challenging roles and has appeared in such landmark films as Deliverance, and Coming Home, for which he received an Academy Award® for Best Actor. Voight's impersonation of sportscaster/journalist Howard Cosell, in the biopic Ali, earned him critical raves and his fourth Oscar® nomination. He is currently starring in the seventh season of 24 as the villain Jonas Hodges. As part of Voight’s tribute, CineVegas is proud to present the rare, newly re-mastered director’s cut of Lookin’ To Get Out (1982), directed by Hal Ashby, starring and co-written by Voight and filmed in Las Vegas. The screening will be followed by a special Q&A with Voight and guests.


Willem Dafoe is a two-time Academy Award® nominated actor and has appeared in over 70 films. He is also one of the founding members of The Wooster Group, the New York based experimental theatre collective, where he has created and performed in all the group's work from 1977 to 2005, both in the U.S. and internationally. Some upcoming film releases include Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, Werner Herzog’s My Son My Son and Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox as well as Day Breakers and Cirque du Freak. A conversation with Dafoe will be held on Sunday, June 14 at 3pm, followed by a screening of his 1982 film The Loveless.


The monarchs of homemade movies, the Kuchars impressed art world film kings like Stan Brakhage, Bruce Conner and Jonas Mekas, and influenced future film legends like Buck Henry and John Waters. Born in the 1940s, the brothers swooned over classic 1950s Hollywood. Borrowing their Aunt’s 8mm camera, George and Mike reinterpreted their neighborhood friends as Rock Hudson and Lana Turner types, wrote fantastic melodramas and genre stories, cobbled together props and costumes and set out into remarkably diverse locations around the Bronx. Their classic films include Hold Me While I’m Naked, Sins of the Fleshapoids and Summer of No Return. Now in their 60s, both have continued working with video, their projects numbering in the hundreds. A collection of new shorts by the Kuchar Brothers will be shown as part of their Vanguard Directors Award presentation on Sunday, June 14 at 9pm. In addition, Jennifer Kroot’s documentary about the brothers, It Came from Kuchar, will play in the Pioneer Documentaries section at this year’s Festival.


Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen met each other while earning their MFA degrees at the University of Southern California Interactive Media program, housed in the School of Cinematic Arts. Santiago's research focused on game design, interactive narrative, and physical and gestural interfaces for digital media. Chen was focusing on interactive animation and video game design when the two collaborated with a student team to develop the game, "Cloud." “Cloud” went on to become critically acclaimed, after which the two decided to found their own studio, thatgamecompany, and landed a three game deal with Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. to develop downloadable games for Playstation Network. Their most recent critically-acclaimed release, "Flower," explores the tension between urban and nature, as you blow wind and fly petals across dream-like natural landscapes, and has been the top-downloaded game on the PlayStation Network.



Excerpts from CineVegas 2009 Festival Calendar


Highlighting the Shorts programs & Films of Interest


Thursday, June 11th


Shorts Program One: "Performance"


Shorts Program 1 | 106 min.


1:00 PM


(And also again on Saturday, at 4:00 PM June 13th)


Acting For The Camera    | Justin Nowell  2008


Countertransference    | Madeleine Olnek  2008


The Feast Of Stephen     | James Franco 2009


Fiddlestixx, Episode 1: Brain Powerz | Fiddlestixx 2008


Fiddlestixx, Episode 2: Habeas-Schmabeas | Fiddlestixx 2008


Fiddlestixx, Episode 3: Larry Blindon |Fiddlestixx 2008


Kings of London     | Sean Conway   2008


Logorama      | François Alaux, Hervé de


Crécy, Ludovic Houplain (H5) 2009


TEN: THIRTYONE     |Gabe Fazio, Lev Gorn 2008


Also on Thursday, June 11th


Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo


4:00 PM


(And again on Friday, June 12th at 10 AM)


Jessica Oreck 2009 | Pioneer Documentaries | 90 min.




6:00 PM


(And also again on Friday, June 12th at 1 PM)


Asiel Norton 2008 | Jackpot Premieres, World Premiere | 105 min.


Winnebago Man


9:30 PM


(And again on Friday, June 12th at 11 PM)


Ben Steinbauer 2009| Pioneer Documentaries | 87 min.


Friday, June 12th          


Shorts Program Two: "Hugs Not Drugs"


Shorts Program 2 | 100 min.


10:30 AM


(And again at 5:30 PM on Sunday, June 14th )


Uprush    | Kim Hall 2008


The Young and Evil  | Julian Breece  2008


Whiskeypriest, Episode 1 | Randy Walker 2009


My Mom Smokes Weed  | Clay Liford  2008


Short Term 12    | Destin Daniel Cretton  2008


The Ghost and Us   | Emily Carmichael


It Came From Kuchar


3:45 PM


(And again on Saturday, June 13th at 1:15 PM)


Jennifer Kroot 2009 | Pioneer Documentaries | 86 min.


Sea Of Darkness


5:30 PM


(And again on Saturday, June 13th at 12:30 PM)


Michael Oblowitz | Pioneer Documentaries, World Premiere


500 Days Of Summer


8:00 PM


(Does not repeat)


Marc Webb | Sure Bets | 96 min.


Saturday, June 13th


NV Shorts: "Backyard Sagas"


Nevada Shorts | 81 min.


10:00 AM


(And again at 3:00 PM on Monday, June 15th)


& Teller


Ezekiel Zabrowski, Teller, Frank Ippolito   2008


& Teller 2


Teller, Ezekiel Zabrowski,  Frank Ippolito  2008


The Unfortunate Story of a Lost Soul 2


Joel Schoenbach 2009


Tokyo Rose


AJ Ovio 2009


The Secret Life of Orange Traffic Cone Assassins


Anthony Maranville  2009




E.S. Frushtick 2008


Nancy Boy


Jonpaul Lewis   2009




Jordan Auten   2009




Tyler Hymanson 2009




Markus Kirschner 2008


Also on Saturday, June 13th 


Easier With Practice


1:00 PM


(Does not repeat)


Kyle Patrick Alvarez 2008 | Jackpot Premieres, World Premiere | 104 min.




3:00 PM


(Does not repeat)


Jeff Mizushima 2008 | Jackpot Premieres, World Premiere | 88 min.


Asylum Seekers


3:30 PM


(And again at 6:00 PM on Sunday, June 14th )


Rania Ajami 2008 | Jackpot Premieres, World Premiere | 85 min.


Thor At The Bus Stop


5:30 PM


(And again at 5:30 PM on Monday, June 15th )


Jerry & Mike Thompson 2009 | Nevada Feature,US Premiere | 99 min.


Yellow Submarine


9:30 PM


(Does not repeat)


George Dunning 1968 | Under the Neon | 90 min.


Mandalay Bay Beach


After party at Moorea Beach Club, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino


Events at CineVegas


Sunday, June 14th


Jon Voight - Marquee Award Honorees


12:00 PM


Vegas: Based On A True Story


1:00 PM


(Does not repeat)


Amir Naderi 2008 | Diamond Discoveries | 101 min.


Willem Dafoe - Vanguard Actor Award Honorees


3:00 PM


Filmmakers & Honoree Awards Ceremony & Reception @ Rain inside Palms Casino Resort Events 


5:00 PM +


Also on Sunday, June 14th 


World’s Greatest Dad


7:30 PM


(Does not repeat)


Bobcat Goldthwait 2009 | Closing Night Film | 100 min.


Monday, June 15th


The Headless Woman


4:00 PM


Lucrecia Martel | Sure Bets | 87 min.


UNLV Showcase


2009 | UNLV Showcase | 139 min.


8:00 PM


CSN Showcase


2009 | CSN Showcase | 74 min.


8:30 PM


Or for a little whimsy at the ‘Drive-In’:


Attack of the 50 Foot Woman


Nathan Juran 1958 | Under the Neon | 65 min.


Fremont Street Experience


9:00 PM followed at 10:30 PM by the Vintage Vegas Party @ Sidebar—Present your ‘Drive-In movie’ ticket for admission to Sidebar



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