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Voices of a Generation - Rich Natole


Rich Natole has performed in thousands of venues including television and radio, but he begins his show with a video interviewing people asking if they have ever heard of Rich Natole. The answer is usually, “no.”  Natole is looking to change that with his new afternoon show, Voices of a Generation, at the Harmon Theater. 

Dozens of celebrity voices are showcased in this fast moving, very funny show. Natole performs over 90 voices in his one man performance and calls his show, “Voices of A Generation,” since it is a culmination of the thousands of shows he has performed over the years.  It showcases the voices of his generation – both the voices his parents loved and he listened to growing up and contemporary voices that his kids love and he listens to today. 

Natole was raised in Northern California with a transplanted New York Italian family and as he puts it, while showing an old photo, “you are funny coming from a dysfunctional family that takes photos while standing next to dead carcasses.” 

As a teenager, Natole was a ticket taker at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, CA. He stood in the wings and learned from the masters - Frank Sinatra, Bill Cosby, Rich Little, Sammy Davis Jr. and George Carlin. Watching all of these incredible entertainers ignited Natole’s passion for performing. As a teenager, he talked his Dad into driving him into San Francisco to work weekly at the comedy clubs. 

Natole then moved to Los Angeles, and ended up performing in every major comedy club in 42 states within just a few years. He was a key opening act for many musical and comedy acts.  

With two kids and a mortgage, Natole moved to the other convention capital of the world – Orlando, Florida. His clean act was in big demand with corporations until 9-11when the corporate market stalled and didn’t have the budgets for big conventions. Natole then worked Florida in any venue that would hire him.  

Natole relocated to Las Vegas in 2008 and considers himself a “true comic-impressionist working in Las Vegas today,” while giving audiences a clean show. 

His repertoire of hundreds of celebrities include Larry King to Jay Leno to Robert DeNiro to Joe Pesci to Regis Philbin, Donald Trump, and Dr. Phil. Political junkies will enjoy his equal opportunity approach to spoofing their favorite (or least favorite) politicians such as, John McCain and Barack Obama. Natole’s rendition of The National Anthem with every President from JFK to Barack Obama is unbelievable. 

Rich Natole is performing at the Harmon Theater daily at 2 p.m. and ticket prices are $29.95 plus fees and taxes for general admission and $39.95 plus fees and taxes for VIP. Learn more about Natole at   

The Harmon Theater, located at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort, is home to “Amazing Johnathan,” “Magic’s a Drag,” “Sin City Comedy” and “Voices of a Generation” starring comedy impressionist Rich Natole. The box office can be reached at 836-0836. For more information, visit


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