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"Human Nature" Took Me Home Again



I’m a Motown gal through and through - Born and raised in Detroit and weaned on the “Motown sound.” Like most Detroit teenagers in the 60s, we were lucky enough to hear the soulful sounds emitting from the house they called "Hitsville USA” on West Grand Boulevard.


In no time, the Motown sound worked its way around the globe to “Beatle-land,” the California coast and even “Down Under.”


This week Frank and I had the pleasure of accompanying a Rock & Roll legend in his own right, Little Anthony, and his better half, Linda, to see “Human Nature” at the IP.


What a show!!!! If you were blindfolded you never would have imagined that there were four white guys from Australia, singing the best of Motown, even singing an incredible A cappella version of Smokey Robinson’s “People Get Ready”. These four guys sang songs made famous by the Supremes, the Marvelettes, Stevie Wonder, the cotton candy pop of the Jackson 5, as well as the adult offerings of the Temptations and Marvin Gaye, and I could go on and on. (They must of wowed the teenage girls “down under” when they were a popular “Boy Band" in the late 90’s).


About the choreography.... much to the delight of Frank, they danced through most of the songs. He said he always enjoyed “watching” as well as listening to those original Motown groups, so he was on cloud 9. I must add, that although quite energetic, I felt Human Nature lacked the true “black soul rhythm” in their choreography, and was a bit too “bubble gummy” for me, but keep in mind, I AM a TRUE Motown gal and grew up watching those groups first hand.  But boys take it from someone who knows, “You have to learn how to pace yourselves” Little Anthony said, referring to their fast paced in-step routines. "That's a lot a work!"



It was brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney who joined up with Toby Allen and Phil Burton in 1989 while at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. They formed the doo-wop band Human Nature in Sydney, then later signed with Sony Music in 1994 and released their debut album “Telling Everybody” in 1995. The CD was an instant smash, selling 4x platinum and in the process going on to become the most successful debut album ever released in Australia. In 2008 they released their fourth consecutive No. 1 album in Australia entitled “A Symphony of Hits.” Human Nature will release their debut American CD later this year.


Known for their outstanding concert and stage performances, Human Nature has opened for superstars Celine Dion and Michael Jackson and has brought their energy to the newly remodeled, 653-seat Imperial Palace Showroom. Celine Dion said the members of Human Nature are “wonderful vocalists who really know how to entertain a crowd.” Michael Jackson raved, “Human Nature is amazing!”


I concur!!!



I highly recommend this wonderful concert that takes its audience through the remarkable music from the original “Hitsville USA” machine. This 90-minute show seemed to go by way too fast. I really can’t say enough about these Aussies that drew me and the entire audience into a standing ovation.


One thing is for sure; you can take the girl out of Motown, but you can’t take Motown out of the girl.


Be sure to catch Human Nature presented by Smokey Robinson currently in their 5th week of their one year engagement any Saturday through Thursday nights at 8 pm.

You can get yours tickets at the Imperial Palace Box Office, online or by calling 1-888-777-7664.


Imperial Theater
(located inside Imperial Palace)
3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV  89109

and... thank you so much for the photos provided by Lorraine Fidler

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