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Vinnie Favorito

Vinnie Favorito

tand-up comedy is nothing new to Boston native, Vinnie Favorito; it’s what he does best. First hitting the stage in 1986 when his mother made him take a class to overcome stage fright, Favorito was quickly perceived as a natural. That same year on the WZOU 94.5 FM Top 40 Star Search Competition—only his second stage performance ever—Favorito proved his comedic talents and prevailed as the winner.

VCO's Dr. Adele ''Z.Z.'' Zorn & VinnieAudiences across the globe hail Favorito for his ability to verbally exploit audience members, integrating each person he talks to with the next person. He’s loud, crass and inappropriate—and audiences love every minute of it. Famed comedian George Carlin told Vinnie he’s a fan because, “he is not afraid to walk the line, but he doesn’t cross it,” and has been referred to as “Don Rickles with venom” by Milton Berle.

Favorito is known nationwide for his abilities as an infamous “roaster.” Unlike most comedians and roasters, Favorito does not have pre-planned skits or notes; he relies on his quick wit and stellar memory to crack impromptu jokes. Favorito is best known for his Friars Club roasts, where he’s taken on Tom Arnold, Larry King, Jerry Springer, Magic Johnson and Larry Flynt among others, proving no one is a challenge for Favorito’s comedic genius.

Vinnie FavoritoFavorito became a household name while living in Boston. In a town that has pumped out top comedians including Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, Denis Leary and Dane Cook, Favorito has made a name for himself. Favorito served as a guest correspondent covering all aspects of city living on “Boston Chronicle,” a magazine-television show in addition to a regular gig on EAGLE 93.7 FM during the morning drive time. Favorito became so renowned in his hometown that in 1993, the Boston Herald voted him one of Boston’s Top Ten Comedians. Having had so many great experiences on the Boston comedy scene, Favorito felt that he had to give something back and began conducting his own workshop for the up-and-coming comedic talent of Boston. Every week, before his Monday night show at Playoffs in Weymouth, Mass., Favorito would take students in for a little “polishing.” Making it official, students had a graduation ceremony at the end of the ten-week course where Favorito would fill the house with managers, agents and club owners directing students onto the road of success. A “jack of all trades,” Favorito continues his comedic education, conducting classes teaching business professionals how to gain more confidence when speaking in front of a crowd.

Throughout the years, Favorito has made numerous stints on national television shows such as “Best Damn Sports Show Period” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.” He has also made several appearances on a variety of Comedy Central Shows and appeared on the “MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon.” He has also filmed a pilot show for Fox Sports Network, “Behind Enemy Lines.” In 1998, Favorito was crowned winner of the renowned San Francisco International Comedy Vinnie FavoritoCompetition. He is among other top comedians who have won the San Francisco International Comedy Competition including Dana Carvey, Dane Cook, Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Williams and Sinbad. In addition to winning top honors at the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, Favorito also launched his own show on the FOX Family network in 2001, Favor & Family.

Throughout his 20-year career, Favorito has been making audiences laugh, headlining shows throughout the Las Vegas Strip for Harrah’s Corporation since 1998. Currently, Favorito is considered one of the hardest working guys in Las Vegas as he performs nightly with no off days and must come up with cutting-edge comedic material on the spot for every show. Favorito can be found in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at the Flamingo Hotel Casino.

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