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I spent the night with Jay White as Neil Diamond in the Riviera's Le Bistro Theatre. I think he is more IS than AS.  His voice, looks, moves, and his great band IS Neil Diamond. This is not ‘theater in the round’ it’s a showroom off the casino, but intimate and a good sound. Two things I really admired about Jay, he never once hawked his CD’s from the stage, or ask the audience to tell their friends about the show. I love Neil Diamond songs, and Jay White is very professional, and very entertaining. I wonder if he eats and sleeps Neil Diamond.


The Riviera Hotel was a change of direction for Las Vegas. In 1955, the other hotels were two stories and resembled motels with a casino. Built by wise guys from Miami, The Riviera had all the style of south beach; it was a beautiful white building nine stories high.

The style of The Riviera would be the future of Las Vegas. As the ninth hotel on the strip, it would take 10 more years before the other hotels begin to build-upward. Liberace opened The Riviera in April 1955.

  He was wooed away from The Frontier Hotel with a $50,000 a week salary. This was an easy move for Liberace; he was getting less than a $1,000 a week at the Frontier. In 1955, a home in Las Vegas cost less than $10,000. 


  To locals and regulars the Riviera Hotel was just ‘The Riv’. The Riv had entertainers as small percentage owners, first Harpo & Gummo Marx and later Dean Martin. The Riviera was the class act of the strip, all the great entertainers of the day performed at the Riv. 

If you look closely at the marquee in the picture, directly under Liberace you will see The Treniers performing in the Starlight Lounge. One of the original Treniers, Don Hill, lives in Las Vegas with his wonderful wife Gloria. Don is a good buddy, in his 80’s; he still plays golf three times a week.


  Unfortunately, The Riv has lost some style and showing it’s age. Once the top hotel in Las Vegas, a haunt of the Rat Pack crowd, now just another rub joint.  However, there are almost a dozen shows at the Riv, so it’s still the place to go for entertainment. Jay White is fun; he had all the audience singing. I left the show very happy; I like singing Neil Diamond songs.   

They also had something you don’t get anymore, cocktail waitresses serving drinks for the entire show. What a great concept, no getting up during the show to get your own drinks. Maybe cocktail waitresses will catch on.
  America's Tribute To Neil Diamond
Jay White

Neil Diamond nightly in the Riviera's Le Bistro Theatre.

Sunday through Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Dark Friday & Saturday.
Price = $49.95 plus taxes and fee.
Add $10 for ticket for VIP Seating.







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