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I HOPE I will be in the kind of shape both mentally and physically as Frankie "Dee" DeMatto is today, when I'm in my 90s…hell, I wish I were in that kind of shape now!

Frankie "Dee," with his gleaming eyes and perpetual smile, is a familiar figure at most benefits and fundraisers around town that are hosted by many of the celebrities that he interviewed on KUNV radio for over nine years in the 1980s.

Frankie was "behind the mike" from the age of 13, when he was a tap dancer, running the gambit from announcer of the pro football New Jersey Giants (along with Dennis James) to become, at age 17, the youngest known emcee for Big Band Ballroom Dance. He gave up sportscasting to study at the Radio City Music Hall School of Radio Technique to become a newscaster, thinking it would be more lucrative. 'Might have been wrong there…

Frankie has worked on stage, movies and TV, but is best remembered locally as the host of Celebrity Talk Show for seven years which was later called Radio Talk show for 2 years on FM KUNV and as the dapper "pitch man" for Sun City Mobile Homes on television.

Frankie did hour-long interviews with his guests on Celebrity Talk Show, so as you may imagine, he got to know them more than just superficially. He has interviewed such stars as Charo, Telly Savalas, Billy Eckstine, Louis Prima, Pete Barbuti, Bernie Allen, Pat Cooper, Johnny Ray, Sonny King, Hal Linden, Loraine Hunt and a virtual who's who list of 'Vegas lounge and main room celebrities…

Frankie is a member of "The Cast Inc." which is a nonprofit organization that assists entertainers within the community that are in need.

Las Vegas legend Frankie "Dee" can still be seen today, along with his "side kick" Babe Pier, at many of the functions put on by some of the many stars he has interviewed. 

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