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Some thing's never change…and in the case of Jackie Mason, that's good…He's not a pretty face, can not sing or dance and is not a sharp dresser, but he is a stand-up comic's stand-up comic.

You know, delivery is everything, but it does not apply only to Greg Maddux or to a pick-up line delivered at a singles bar…Jackie Mason appearing at the Stardust has his delivery down pat.

They say "he is too Jewish" (what ever that means). Maybe that's the way you can tell the difference between him and George Wallace…Maybe being too Jewish makes him one of the funniest comics this columnist has ever seen…Maybe being Jewish has given him the real life experience of the "put down"…of he still is one of the best.

I've seen Jackie Mason several times (live and on TV) through the years and he always has fresh material. This night at the 'Dust was no exception.


Jackie Mason has earned a Tony Award, an Outer Critics Circle Award, an Ace Award, an Emmy Award, and a Grammy nomination. He returned to Broadway in 1990 with "Jackie Mason: Brand New;" in 1994 with "Jackie Mason: Politically Incorrect;" in 1996 with "Love Thy Neighbor;" in 1999 with "Much Ado About Everything;" and in 2002 with "Prune Danish." With each production a critical and commercial success, Jackie Mason made history in the theater industry and collected an impressive array of nominations and awards from the Outer Critics Circle, the Grammy's, the Ace Awards and others. An HBO special, "Jackie Mason on Broadway," earned him both an Emmy and an Ace Award.


Regrettably, I could not understand every line of his mumbling repertoire and he made fun of Sylvester Stallone? (I didn’t hear everything partly because I am a little hard of hearing and partly because we were sitting too close.)

One of the greatest bits that Jackie does, is THE funniest impersonation of Ed Sullivan this writer has ever seen. I mean this is just TOO FUNNY!!!!!!

It was 90 minutes of smiles, nods, clapping and belly laughs by an appreciative audience. Jackie has always touched on a wide-range of subjects.

  Be sure to catch Jackie Mason for a night of genius comedy!
He is a must see, and at the modest price of $49.95, it is a true bargain.

Reviewed by:

 Frank Marino


Jackie is appearing at the Stardust from Feb. 7 to Feb. 26 at 8:00 p.m.

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