Dame Edna…A Dame in the Desert


The theatre at the Luxor darkens, the music begins, from the ceiling Dame Edna (AKA Barry Humphries) is lowered sitting on-top of a giant pair of Dame Edna's signature glasses, which would make Elton John proud, and immediately went into a musical number singing a song to let the audience know “That there will be a little dance, a little song, but most of what I say is made up as I go along.”

Backed by Wayne Barker at the Grand Piano and surrounded by four young ladies called, “The Gorgeous Ednaettes,” which they certainly were, made for a great mix. Dame Edna is dressed in one of her well-known flamboyant dresses and in mid-show literally strips the dress down to find another outrageous dress underneath.

During the show she proceeded to “pick on” several different people in the audience, but it’s a sort of toned-downed version of the “Don Rickles-style” comedy. She put down their clothes, homes and work as she conversed with them, but even the “picked on” were in stitches. It’s truly one laugh after another.

She said, “I’m a little nervous here in my Las Vegas debut, more than I was in my opening on Broadway in front of a nicely dressed audience,” but she then added, “I mean that in the nicest way.” Unfortunately, she is SO RIGHT! I really miss the days when Las Vegas was a real “Disneyland for Adults” and “The Boys” ran the city. Couples really knew how to dress in those days, coming to shows dressed in evening gowns and suits or tuxes, instead of t-shirts, jeans and sweats, which is what they wear today. Those really were the days that made Vegas, Vegas! (OK…I’ll shut up and get back to Dame Edna).

After “picking on” these five or six people most of the evening, she then has her Ednaettes escort them on stage, where they are sent backstage and then reappear shortly, costumed with scripts in hand. Then along with Dame Edna they proceed to act out a play about (who else) Dame Edna. Now THAT’S getting your audience involved!

Later in the show Dame Edna sang a song “It’s all about you” and as it turns out as previously stated, it really is! Her brilliant wit kept the laughs coming continuously. The show is spontaneous, basically unscripted and totally “off the cuff.” Even my 12-year-old grandson was laughing non-stop and really did understand most of Dame Edna’s humor. By the way, you can read his review in a new section on VCO called the “Kids Korner.” See here: A Kids Point Of View - Dame Edna

She ended the evening with a song called, “Wave your Glad.”  Where Dame Edna and her Ednaettes throw out four or five dozen Gladiolas to the audience, and instructed the audience members that caught them to “wave their Glad” when that part of the song was sung.

On a different note, the Luxor’s theatre was pure class, including the seats which were quite comfortable, and truly added to the experience of the show.

All in all, the Dame Edna show “A Dame in the Desert” was OUTSTANDING! When Dame Edna comes back to Vegas (which I’m sure she will), by all means, do yourself a favor and SEE HER!

The show is a “SCREAM!”


Reviewed by

Marleen Marino








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