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The Bagel Café seems to always be packed. The sandwiches are extremely generous, aesthetically pleasing and VERY tasty. The ample selection of bagels is reminiscent of a Detroit, Miami or New York City Deli. The Bagel Café says, "We use only the finest natural ingredients that goes into our boiled, then baked, scratch-made-on-the-premises bagels."

I can't even LOOK at the pastries there any more, (they are to die for) because I know I need to lose a couple pounds, I know, join the club.

The staff is courteous and there is always enough help to serve everyone (including take-outs) quickly and efficiently.

My wife recommends the Cabbage Soup (served only on Saturdays and Sundays), and the Chopped Liver. I suggest you try their Reuben sandwich and of course the bagels and ANY of their desserts.

Even though we live just across the street from the Bagel Café, we would drive miles for their breakfast or lunch (or both on the same day). What more can we say? A trip to the Bagel Café, is a trip worth taking, no matter where in the valley you live.

The Bagel Café is located at:
301 North Buffalo Dr.
Westcliff House
(Between Westcliff & Summerlin Parkway)
Phone: 702.255.3444
Fax: 702.233.8720
Email: [email protected]

You can learn more about the Bagel Café here:


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