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"Location, location, location." The old adage could not apply more in the case of Josette's Bistro. In our (music critic, Jerry Marcellino and I) estimation, if Josette's were in a location with more 24-hour foot traffic and not next door to a tire store and more visible from Flamingo Rd., it could be a "gold mine" (of course it still might be). Everything else works, including the overt and energetic owner Josette LeBlond complete with a French accent that fits the ambience of the place, the décor, the entertainment and most importantly the food.

We were greeted, upon arriving, by our hostess and with her accent and sensual attitude we were ready to "stay the course." Once inside the authentic appearing old world French Bistro décor and wine shop made us want to stay for dinner too!

Our serveuse (Donna), who was sometimes aided by another waitress and also by our lovely hostess, kept bringing course after course including glass after glass of a wonderful French Merlot (next visit, I'll have to get the name of that wine). One thing that I must point out, is that the chic Josette really "knows how to work the crowd" (Jerry thought of that applicable phrase) which made the wine and the whole evening that much more enjoyable for all the diners.

The first course was Amuse Bouche (bite-sized Hors d'oeuvres) followed by giant shrimp, then a mixed green salad. The lite dressing was a little too lite (which certainly is better than having a bad taste). Jerry and I agreed, "you can hardly taste it," this, besides having to leave to go home after dinner was the only negative (a minor one at that). Then came one of my favorite "courses," the palette cleanser "pear sorber in champagne." I never had sorber served that way before—WONDERFUL.

Jerry's main course was the thickest Filet Mignon he had ever seen. "Tender and delicious," he stated. Mine was Pesto Glazed Salmon. I've had pesto on many things before, but never, I believe, on salmon. What a tasteful treat!

The last course was the "piece de resistance," Banana Foster for me and Chocolate Royal for Jerry. Both, "to die for."

During dinner, but by no means interrupting it, the evenings entertainment was provided by Kiki Kalor, a one man, eh! one woman show…Kiki is very much a WOMAN. While skillfully playing a guitar and Mr. Larry Larson accompanying her on a mixer board, Kiki sang in 6 or 7 different languages and danced several different dances including the Flamenco, the Can-Can and a Cossack dance often accompanied by some of the female diners and the vivacious Josette. She also sang songs from musicals such as Moulin Rouge and Chicago among other favorites—that delighted diners throughout dinner.

Kiki is very talented and vivacious in her own right. She has appeared as the opening act for The Gypsy Kings and was the headline act at the Italian San Gennaro Festival among other "gigs." Kiki is available for corporate shows too. Check her out at

We only had room (barely) for an espresso and then it was off to write this review. Well, for me, sleep first…

Come hungry, come with a few hours to enjoy, come with an open mind to really reflect on the menu, but most of all…COME to Josette's Bistro.

Bon Appetite…

PS Our "hats off" to Chef Neal. Great job.

Josette's Bistro

4983 West Flamingo (just west of Decatur on the south side of Flamingo in the Flamingo-Decatur Plaza)

(702) 227-4575


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