Like its joust-themed predecessor King Arthur's Tournament, Excalibur's Tournament of Kings is an amazing feat of horsemanship and athleticism that can be enjoyed by all. Even more so by young women aged 15 to 95, what with the young Kings' good looks, including a few with "Chippendale" bodies, some with sexy European accents and many with long locks flowing in the breeze created by their noble mounts as they galloped by.

Tournament of Kings is the typical battle between good and evil, on this night King Arthur and his son Christopher vs. the fire wizard Mordred, with plenty of entertaining competitive action in between.

The Kings from different countries in Europe had their own cheering sections, made up of members of the audience. My grandson and I sat in the Russian King's section, who by the way, if playing hockey, would have received the most penalty minutes by far—all in good fun of course.

Some of the Kings riding skills were so skillful, I wonder if any considered the National Finals Rodeo?

Prior to the competition, we were entertained by Merlin and a clown—short in stature—but long on comedic skills.

The two biggest surprises of the evening were the dinner (Tournament of Kings is one of the last of a dying breed of 'dinner shows' in Las Vegas) and the amazing balance and strength of one of the acrobats that performed between the Kings competition. He managed to balance and hold six other men on his arms and hips—WOW!

The dinner (Cornish hen, broccoli and mashed potatoes) was quite good, so good that I considered eating what my grandson did not finish, but decorum and the fact that the couple sitting next to us were watching, stopped me—also, the fact that you could eat with your fingers was pleasing to my grandson (like being at home I guess). My grandson enjoyed the whole evening and wrote his own review (see "Kids Point of View" in January's VCO newsletter).

Good family entertainment, good food and a good price compared to other Vegas shows, makes Tournament of Kings a MUST SEE!!!

King Arthur's Arena
(located inside Excalibur)
3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show times are 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. nightly.
Tickets are $55.00.
For reservations call (702) 597-7600.




Reviewed by:

Frank Marino

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