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12 Hour Lip Color


An extraordinary liquid lip color
that lasts all day and beyond ....
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Liquid Lip color

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Mesh Lip Case
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or a Free Flawless

 Face Application

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  * Outlasts the competition
  * Waterproof
  * Won't smear, rub or kiss off
  * Over 40 shades
  * Shea butter moisturizing gloss

Mineral Make-up

  * 12 shades
  * Great after laser treatment
  * All day coverage
  * Sweat / water resistant
  * Anti-Inflammatory
  * Used by all ages and all skins
    * Estheticians choice of skin care


Optimum D-Tox

Qptimum D-Tox is a whole body systemic (non invasive) cleanser - continually assisting the body to perform as nature intended - and safe to use daily.

  • It contains phytosaponins - a natural detergent or soap derived from desert plants - 'yucca schidigera'
  • It helps break up congestion in the intestinal tract and dissolves body wastes and toxins
  • It helps emulsify tissue wastes and brings them into circulation for the liver to dispose
  • It helps de-fat the liver and rejuvenates the colon
  • It is hostile to the parasite and pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and viruses that flourish in the gut

This daily detox process helps eliminate the cause of most chronic and degenerative challenges and puts the body in the proper posture for assimilating nutrients required to sustain 'optimum' health. It also enhances the assimilation of any other oral treatment or supplement taken.


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