Frank Marino The Concert That Never Was

IF I COULD impersonate Tiger Woods as well as Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo impersonates Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra, I would be on tour with the PGA.

In the intimate setting of the Le Bistro showroom at the Riviera Hotel, music of the not so distant past rings out nightly each Wednesday through Sunday when Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo take the stage in the "Concert That Never Was."

The evening begins, while waiting for Babs and Frank, with on-screen facts and stats about the two legendary performers. This is followed by the voice of Sebastian singing, "I've Got a Crush On You," who is soon followed by Sharon onstage and together they do an incredible duet.

The interaction during the show between Sharon and Sebastian is clever, amusing and reminiscent of the real stars themselves.

The duet is followed by Sharon's solo singing some of Streisand's most memorable numbers. Amazedly not only does Sharon strongly resemble Barbra, she sounds like her, talks like her and even has the little "cross-eyed" bit down pat. You can even verify this because while Sharon is singing, the aforementioned screen comes down and shows an unbelievable photo and film montage of Streisand through the years. Sharon carries off her impersonation with grace and style, and even though a great portrayal of Barbra Streisand will never go out of fashion, I believe Sharon Owens has enough talent to make a good living playing "it straight"!

Not to be out done…Sebastian then takes the stage and while crooning Sinatra-style is accompanied by a screen showing a photo and film bio of Sinatra. Sebastian sounds very much like and has the styling and delivery of Sinatra, as well as the legendary 'Old Blue Eyes' attitude.

The couple closed the show with a couple more duets and received a standing ovation at the show's conclusion.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the talented, pretty-boy piano player, Rob Hyatt, that accompanied and ad-libbed with Sharon and Sebastian throughout the show. An impressionist in his own right, Rob did a great Louie Armstrong that rivaled his keyboard prowess.

I highly recommend the "Concert That Never Was" whether you are a Streisand and Sinatra fan or not. You may want to see this remarkable show just to appreciate these talented performers that are two of the best impressionist on the "Strip."

The show, an incredible value at $42.95, is now even better at half off prices. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this one! 


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