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Liza with a Z

I remember seeing Bobby Kennedy speak, Frank Sinatra sing, The Rolling Stones perform.  These people fill the room, and you never forget the experience.  I saw Liza Minnelli last night, and... she fills a room.  She is no Bobby Kennedy, but let’s face it, Liza is show-biz royalty.  The daughter of Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli growing up and meeting the most important people in the world puts some hash marks on your sleeve.

She did four shows this weekend at the Luxor Hotel, in the same room as the Blue Man Group performed. 


It took Liza to finally exorcize all that remained of those goofy Blue Men.  It’s not a showroom; it is a big 1500 seat theatre, with very fluffy seats. I think because it is a big dark theatre,
  and no one can see you, people are dressed as if Texas Chain Saw Murders 3 is playing.  I guess it’s just a sign of the times, this is Thanksgiving weekend and it’s 100 dollars a pop for tickets, you would think the Levis and T-shirts would be for another day.  Although even backstage, some of the people waiting to meet Liza looked like they shopped at Old Navy.

All kidding aside, I really, really enjoyed the show, there is something special about one individual performing in front a 12-piece orchestra, holding your attention for 90 minutes. 


She was imposing, no fear, she walked around the stage like my mother in the kitchen.  A small woman with a big voice and it filled the entire room.  A great performer, a first-rate orchestra, with beautiful songs and music, I will always remember this experience.  I am thankful to Marleen, Ira, Adrian, and of course Liza, for all their generosity.

   Don’t we make a nice couple?  

Red Roses for a GREAT LADY



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