Rick Rosen


N9NE Steakhouse


First things first:

The staff at the N9NE Steakhouse didn't actually carry us to our table and that's about all that I could find to fault them for in this review.

The good parts of this review will take considerably longer to write as this is by far and away the finest steakhouse that I've ever been fortunate enough to enter.   The greeting and seating was flawless and warm.  The atmosphere and attitudes were not snooty in the least and we immediately felt like we were amongst friends.  The cleanliness was noticeable and very welcome and left no doubt whatsoever about the quality meal that we were about to enjoy and enjoy we did.   The full service bar did not intrude one bit on our conversation nor our meal.   The music was just fine, which was loud enough to be heard but not so overwhelming that speaking or being heard was difficult in the least.  The dress ranged from jeans and tees to business casual and neither was out of place.  The wait staff looked very sharp and operated as efficiently as any NASCAR team and had the confidence to wear white.  I didn't see even one little spot on any of them which is once again what you witness if you watch a championship pit crew at work.  Watching them make their way around the restaurant I got the feeling that they had all been recruited from the Olympic synchronized walking squad as they were scooting right along in what seemed like some sort of choreographed rhythmic exercise.  Poetry in motion and a gold medal performance.  

The meal that followed was incredible.   The appetizers were exactly that, very appetizing.  We enjoyed the stuffed mushrooms topped with cheese along with the popcorn shrimp which were the best I've ever had.   The dipping sauces were a perfect compliment.   If you're getting the feeling by now that this was an impressive meal then you are spot on.   The onion soup was wonderful as was the lobster bisque.    Our steaks were exactly as ordered and I mean EXACTLY.   The lobster mashed potatoes were delightful and so were the crisp steak fries.   We topped off our meal with the best root beer float that I've ever tasted and a crème boulet that melted in our mouths.

As I said earlier, there was nothing at all that detracted from this meal of succulent steak and all the trimmings.   As we finished our last few bites I was already contemplating what I was going to write in this review to adequately convey just how good it was.  Well just pick one of these words:  Fabulous, Wonderful, Perfection, Exquisite, the list could go on and on if you use a thesaurus.   If you'd like to be able to say that you enjoyed a meal that was worth every penny and more, then I strongly suggest that you head to The Palms and N9NE.   When you go be sure that you are hungry as the portions were very adequate. O.K. maybe they deserve a demerit for spelling but other than that all the rest are just fighting for second place.   As far as I'm concerned,,,, N9NE deserves as many stars as there are and I could not rate them any higher if I had to.




N9NE Steakhouse

4321 W Flamingo Rd (Cross Street: Royal Flush Way)
Las Vegas, NV 89103-3903
(702) 942-7777




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