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Satay Malaysian Grille


Was it the courteous, attentive service or the casual lunchtime atmosphere (we understand for dinner it’s somewhat more formal) or the desire to try even more of the more than over seventy items on the extensive menu of Satay Malaysian Grille. Located in, where else, Las Vegas’ Chinatown, where so many Asian restaurants are found.

A few months back, we (VCO founder Marleen Marino) and I had attended a party for fellow VCO columnist Amie Jo Greer at Satay Malaysian Grille and were impressed by the small private room where the party was held (although due to the large number of guests that attended the party for the popular radio personality “Corner for Success’” Greer, the guests over flowed into the casual elegance of the main dining area) as well as the appetizers that were served that evening (mainly marinated chicken and beef Satay served with peanut sauce skewer style.)

Satay is one of our favorite Oriental foods. Though served as a appetizer Marleen often makes a meal of this delicacy. This prompted us to ask the lovely hostess and co-owner Janie, if she was open to us doing a review of her establishment. She happily obliged and this past Tuesday afternoon we were treated to yet another fine Las Vegas dining adventure. (My palette and I are so lucky to be living in one of the finest cities in the world for a dining establishment connoisseur. There is also a wide ethnicity of restaurants in the finest city of them all….. It also helps because I really enjoy eating foods of all cultures, to be a food columnist for VCO.

Back to the other day…. We were greeted and seated by our attentive server Veronica (a transplant from Venezuela) Then were soon welcomed by the charming Janie.




After selecting Asian beer (and of course Satay) and an Indian style Naan-like fluffy bread called Roti Canal that was served with a dipping (or is it dunking?) sauce made from curry and coconut milk, both a wonderful starter… Janie solved my dilemma of selecting our main course, because being quite familiar with Thai cuisine of which there were many choices on their vast menu, and being unfamiliar with Malaysian cuisine I was torn between twelve to fourteen choices, but Janie suggested a sampling of several Malaysian dishes.




The entire meal was quite satisfying, although this was not surprising because while we were still on our appetizers two different sets of obviously satisfied patrons, upon leaving stated how good their meals were (this without prompting on our part, see photo).

We highly recommend lunch or dinner at Satay Malaysian Grille and don’t be surprised to see yours truly as one of the diners trying to narrow down my twelve to fourteen choices.

This Spring Mountain location has been in operation since May 2005, and they are soon to open another Satay Malaysian Grille in Henderson. I would not be surprised to see several more thru-out our valley in the near future.


3755 Spring Mountain Rd, Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89102


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