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Hannah's—A Culinary Journey of Surprises

OFTEN TIMES, CONNOISSEURS of fine cuisine are disappointed with their dinner experiences. Perhaps it was poor preparation by the chef, or a bad attitude from the waiter. Whatever caused the disappointment, it creates a bad thought on recommending that restaurant to their friends. More enjoyable are the unique dining experiences one can enjoy far and beyond their imagination. Such is the moment at Hannah's Neighborhood Bistro, located in Summerlin at 1050 S. Rampart Blvd. Hannah An is one of those rare individuals who come from a long line of chefs. The An family has an incredible background in the restaurant industry, which basically started in San Francisco. In fact, they built their restaurants to 18 million dollars a year. Let us now explore the world of culinary delights at Hannah's.

First and foremost is the ambiance of this wonderful restaurant. It is of a contemporary setting with many Asian decorative collections enhancing the walls. The furniture is of rich wood that reminds me of burlwood in a Rolls Royce. Most impressive though is the waterfall at the entrance of the restaurant that runs into the floor aquarium that one walks over upon entering. Here, there is a selection of koi fish swimming amongst the rock formation of the aquarium. There is also a picturesque waterfall of continuing running water which greets patrons as they are shown to their dining area. An added feature is the dining area with running water built within the table structure of the eating area. In essence, the contemporary setting is one of tranquility, yet pure energy.

Now that you've got the feeling of what Hannah's brings to its patrons, let us journey to its cuisine. It is a combination of French, Vietnamese, Chinese and American cuisine. In talking with Executive Chef Derek Kinoshita, who has over 27 years of gourmet cooking experience, we learn that the recipes in the An family are top secret. "You have to know how to tap into the character of the food—understanding what goes together, especially knowing how the cuisine reacts to heat," states Chef Kinoshita. Chef Kinoshita knows where of he speaks and has an excellent working relationship with Hannah An who cooks in the kitchen. Hanna is somewhat of a miracle worker—she manages to play tennis on almost a professional basis, yet is known as the who's who in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and finds time to create new dishes. My guest for this evening was Beryl Warren, who worked along with her late husband Mark Warren, a director for such award-winning shows as Laugh In, Sanford & Son and What's Happening.

We began our journey with appetizers, which included Golden Essential Addictive Gula Noodles, a tradition of the An family handed down from generation to generation. This dish was truly sensational and has fresh garlic as one of its major ingredients. Another appetizer which was thoroughly enjoyable was Roasted Eggplant with tomato and a sprinkling of goat cheese on flat bread. This certainly set the stage while dining in our own private area surrounded by silk chiffon-like gold curtains. Our main course was a pleasant surprise. Jason, our waiter, served Sea Bass with vegetables to Miss Warren and I partook of the Crusted Sole—which certainly had a Vietnamese twist to its taste, served with pesto rice. There are 3 variations of rice served at Hannah's, and pesto rice is my favorite. In completing our journey, I would be remiss if I did not mention the desserts, which Hannah's is famous for. The Asian Napoleon consists of crispy sourdough with sweet mascarpone cream, warm apple-pear medley and cinnamon ice cream. The Pineapple Bread Pudding which I ordered, is laced with Myer's Rum, a hint of cinnamon spice and crème fraîche sorbet.

Any evening at Hannah's certainly is a delight and I must compliment Nick Raymond who I consider a Marketing Guru and Carlos Pacheco the assistant general manager who both were very cordial, conversing about many of life's pleasantries which always include food. As with any fine restaurant, the entertainment should compliment the ambiance. Hannah's has the good fortune of featuring Allen Fawcett providing song and a selection of music from around the world. Fawcett hosted "Putting on the Hits" for Dick Clark in the '80s, and now has a reoccurring role as Mat on CSI. He appears on Sundays from 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. for Hannah's Jazz Brunch and on Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. featuring Friends & Fans of CSI Night. As if that's not enough, Hannah brings in classic-soul entertainment on the weekends and is noted for their Happy Hour from 3:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. where they feature Japanese beers for only $5 and some $5 sushi items.

In closing, may I state as Hannah An would state, Toast in the moment, Share with family and friends, Savor the season, all without leaving your neighborhood. Hannah's Neighborhood Bistro is a culinary journey that is truly uplifting taking one's dining experience to a variety of surprises, enhancing the pallet and eating healthy at the same time.   

Hannah's Neighborhood Bistro
1050 S. Rampart Blvd.
(North of W. Charleston Blvd.)
702.932.9399 • Get Directions

Lunch 11:30–3
Happy Hour 3–6
Dinner 5–11
Sunday Brunch 11–3


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