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Hopeful Hoops

“The Tout” shares his insight for this year’s Basketball season.

Returning Next Season

Friday Football Forecast

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Happening This Week... 

World Hemophilia Day 2010

World Hemophilia Day 2010, April 17...

For World Hemophilia Day 2010, the WFH is proud to launch “The Many Faces of Bleeding Disorders” video podcast. This video podcast celebrates the whole bleeding disorders community—people with hemophilia and symptomatic carriers, females and males with von Willebrand disease, as well as those with rarer factor deficiencies, and inherited platelet disorders... [read more]

National Volunteer Week April 18–24...

Volunteer Center of Southern NevadaNational Volunteer Week began in 1974 when President Richard Nixon signed an executive order establishing the week as an annual celebration of volunteering. Since then, every U.S. President has signed a proclamation promoting National Volunteer Week. During National Volunteer Week, thousands of volunteers across the nation participate in local community service projects.... [read more]

Administrative Professionals/ Secretaries Day, April 21...

Administrative Professionals Day (Also known as, Secretary's Day) is an unofficial secular holiday observed in the United States on the Wednesday of the last full week of April to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals...[read more]

Earth Day, April 22...

Earth DayEarth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. Earth Day is celebrated in spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Many communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues.[read more]

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Community Service Announcement 

United Way’s Volunteer Center Encourages Community Participation During National Volunteer Week April 18–24

In honor of National Volunteer Week April 18–24, United Way’s Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada is encouraging creative community participation with unique and easy tips on how to give back. National Volunteer Week is celebrated across the United States and encourages ordinary people to do extraordinary things to improve communities.

Ways individuals can make an impactful difference:

• Make a difference in a hungry or homeless person’s life by serving soup, tea, bread, and a friendly smile

• Sort, organize and stock shelves with food and assist individuals with their needs

• Help an unemployed individual get started in a new community by assisting with job searches

• Beautify homes for people in need

• Help a high school student excel by tutoring in subjects such as calculus, chemistry, and English

Currently, United Way’s Volunteer Center has more than 180 unique volunteer opportunities to connect individuals, families, teams, and corporate groups to meet critical community needs. To find a volunteer opportunity right for you, visit the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada at

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Bellagio’s Cirque du Soleil’s “O” has a 1.5 million gallon stage of water.

This Week's Featured Columns:


Are You Hungry? Satisfy that Hunger
at Vinny’s Seafood Bar & Café

Lucille Thaler & Tony Zanoff ¦ Valley News Team

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The World famous water fountains at the Bellagio
sit in a 8 acre manmade lake.

Nevada Government 

Harry Reid - Picture U.S. Senator Harry Reid
Weekly Update
This Week’s Update Contains:
>> Reid Statement On Education Grant For Nevada’s Lowest Achieving Schools
>> Reid Meets With Nevada Delegates From The National Association Of Manufacturers
>> Administration Demonstrates Commitment To Las Vegas With New FEMA Site
>> Democrats Committed To Cleaning Up Wall Street, Republicans Fighting For Business As Usual
>> Reid Celebrates Grand Opening Of Red Rock Visitor Center
[read more]

John Ensign - Picture U.S. Senator John Ensign
Weekly Update
This Week’s Update Contains:
>> American Familes Will Be Hurting
Even More From Higher Taxes
>> Ensign Comments On Trip To Afghanistan, Pakistan
[read more]

Shelley Berkley - Picture U.S. Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
Weekly Update
This Week’s Update Contains:
>> Berkley Announces $23 Million In Recovery Act Funding For Nevada Schools
>> Berkley Joins House In Extending Sympathies To Poland
>> Berkley Statement Of Sympathy To The Nation Of Poland
[read more]

Dina Titus - Picture U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus
Weekly Update
This Week’s Update Contains:
>> Titus Applauds Extension of Unemployment Benefits
>> Titus Highlights $23 Million in Recovery Act Funding to Help Turn Around Nevada’s Lowest Achieving Schools
>> 98% of Nevada’s Working Families Received a Tax Cut in 2009
>> Titus Introduces Weekends Without Hunger Act
>> Titus Letter to Obama on the Housing Crisis in Southern Nevada
[read more]

City of Henderson, NV - Picture City of Henderson, NV
Weekly Update
This Week’s Update Contains:
>> Henderson Arbor Day Celebration Invites Hands-On Learning
>> Hit the Links With the City of Henderson Co-Rec Golf League
[read more]

City of North Las Vegas, NV - Picture City of North Las Vegas, NV
Weekly Update
This Week’s Update Contains:
>> It’s Time For Movie Madness
>> Municipal Court Warrant Discounts Generate More Than $450,000
[read more]

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In Nevada it is mandatory that video slot machines must pay a minimum of 75% back to the player, this amount is determined over the life of a slot machine.

Las Vegas Government 

City of Las Vegas, NV - Picture Las Vegas Neighborhood Services
City Of Las Vegas Celebrates 18 Years As A Tree City USA
The city of Las Vegas plans to celebrate Arbor Day with a tree planting ceremony at Gary Dexter Park, located at 800 Upland Blvd., at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, April 19. Ward 1 Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, City Manager Betsy Fretwell, and city staff will be... [read more]

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Monthly Astrology / Horoscope

Michelle Avanti - Picture Michele Avanti, CAP EFT-3
April ’10 Astrology / Horoscope
Aries you are the strong, red headed, compact, muscular individuals ready to take action at the drop of a hat. You are adventurous, dynamic and often spontaneous but can also be quick tempered, selfish, noisy, impatient, pushy, aggressive, impulsive and intolerant... [read more]

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Jack Dempsey was the bartender and
the bouncer at the Mispah Hotel and Casino.


Nevada Ballet - Picture Nevada Ballet Theatre
The 3rd Annual A Choreographers’ Showcase: A Project Designed To Stimulate And Encourage Artistic Growth
This highly anticipated production will include eleven originally choreographed works by artists from the various resident Cirque du Soleil shows as well as professional dancers from... [read more]

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Elvis Presley performed in 837 consecutive sold out
shows at the Las Vegas Hilton Casino.


Victoria Alexander - Picture Victoria Alexander ¦ Viewpoint on Vegas
April 16, 2010
This Week:Condé Nast Traveler HOT LIST PARTY, The Real Face of Jesus?, The Bloodline of Jesus, 101 Things I Learned In Film School, UNLV, Rob Goald and “Ken Park,” Trash Humpers, Ken Walther, Spycraft by Robert Wallace... [read more]

Nikki Artale - Picture Nikki Artale ¦ Vegas Stars Interviews
Ed Sanders: Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Millions of people watch ABC TV Reality Show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition every week and one of the reasons they watch is to see the handsome Ed Sanders. Ed joined the show in Season Two after auditioning for the new designer’s position... [read more]

Jackie Brett - Picture Jackie Brett ¦ Vegas View
April 16, 2010
>> Lance Burton Begins Final Five Months At Monte Carlo
>> Circus Circus Will Open Rock & Rita’s In June
>> First Todd English P.U.B. Opens At Crystals At Citycenter
AND MUCH MORE... [read more]

Chick Hughes - Picture Chick Hughes ¦ Chick’s Chicks
This Week, Chick Goes To The Women’s Expo At The Red Rock Casino...

See what beauties Chick has in store for you this week... [read more]

Valley News Team - Picture Lucille Thaler & Tony Zanoff ¦ Valley News Team
Are You Hungry? Satisfy that Hunger at Vinny’s Seafood Bar & Café
There’s a new casual, neighborhood Italian place for locals and visitors alike and its only ten minutes from the Strip…Vinny’s Seafood Bar & Restaurant opened a few months back and now has a catering service to bring the special Italians... [read more]

VIA BRASIL—An Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse
Via Brasil is a tried and true Brazilian steakhouse that has been open for a year and a half in the easy to reach area of South Summerlin on Fort Apache Road and West Charleston. It is an authentic ‘Churrascaria’ that delights your palette with scrumptious... [read more]

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The Wynn Casino and the Rio Casino do not have any elevator floors
that start with the number 4. This is because
the #4 is not lucky in Chinese culture.


Paul Carpino - Picture Paul Carpino ¦ Career Curator
You Can Cry, or You Can Help
Recently, I was motivated by one of my leaders and mentors, when he addressed the current job/economic challenges by stating, “you can cry or you can help.” These are two choices with only one creating positive results. This is simple, but impactful wisdom... [read more]

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In 1899, the first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey.
It was called the Liberty Bell.

Home & Family

Susie Isaacs - Picture Susie Isaacs ¦ Ms. Poker
Hermie, the Hero
As reported [on my blog], Sassy dropped her phone in the toilet after too many jello shots at her birthday party. It cost her $100 to replace it. A few days later, she was taking her trash out while chatting with Suzie McBaine on her new phone. She needed both hands... [read more]

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The Stardust was the first hotel/casino to add a sports book, the originator of this idea was none less than Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal.

VCO Artist of the Month—April 2010


             STEVE DACRI

Artist of the Month           Steve Dacri

Steve is an accomplished sleight-of-hand artist with a career spanning some thirty years as a performer on TV, in clubs and resorts, on cruise ships and at many prestigious venues, including Radio City Music Hall. Steve’s hundreds of TV appearances include “The Tonight Show,” “That’s Incredible,” “Regis Philbin,” “Merv Griffin,” and “Candid Camera,” among others.

The most sought-after, close-up magician in the world, and listed in the Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians and Who’s Who in the Entertainment World, Steve studied with magic legends Tony Slydini, Dai Vernon, and Frank Garcia and has won numerous awards from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Society of American Magicians, and other organizations. The Academy of Magical Arts/Magic Castle where he has been a featured performer since 1973, nominated him for a Magic Academy Award for his sleight-of-hand performance;... [read more]

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