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Charles Geocaris is the Director of the State of Nevada Film Office, headquartered in Las Vegas with a branch location in Reno. Geocaris was born and raised in Chicago, and attended Southern Illinois University where he received a degree in Cinema and Photography, specializing in film production in 1983. After graduation, he returned to Chicago where he freelanced in the motion picture industry before joining the production division of the Chicago Film Office in 1984. He was promoted to Assistant to the Director in 1986, and then promoted to Director in 1990. As Director of the Chicago Film Office, Geocaris was responsible for coordinating over 300 motion pictures, thousands of commercials and marketing Chicago as a film location throughout the world. Since being appointed the Director of the Nevada Film Office in the Spring of 1998, Geocaris has completely reconstructed Nevada's approach to bringing filmmakers of all kinds to Nevada. The dynamic staff combined with the aggressive and proactive approach of the "new" NFO has resulted in four consecutive years of record-breaking revenues and the highest filming activity levels in the history of the State.


Sarah Bontrager is the Public Relations Coordinator for the Nevada Film Office (NFO). In December 2006, she graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies, with a double major in Public Relations and Film. She was an integral part in opening and running Las Vegas’ successful Almaza Hookah Lounge, where she a hand in everything from managing to bartending. The Public Relations Coordinator position was also created for her. Sarah successfully gained exposure in many local and online publications for the business. Her experience in the film industry has been fruitful as well. Sarah has held every position on many student film projects, from P.A., to actor, to director and producer. Most recently, she has helped produce a short film for UNLV’s Spring Flicks Film Festival. Sarah’s most predominate work has been with the untitled Sony studio production about MIT students strategically winning at blackjack in Las Vegas. Sarah was actress Kate Bosworth’s personal assistant as well as being a production office assistant. At the Nevada Film Office Sarah is the press liaison and frequent public speaker for the NFO, as well as the Administrator of the NFO's annual Screenwriting Competition, which is the oldest of its kind in the United States.


Jeanne Corcoran was the Production Manager and Public Relations Officer for the Nevada Film Office (NFO), where for more than six years she facilitated the diverse needs of hundreds of motion picture, television, commercial, and other multimedia productions annually. She was the press liaison and frequent public speaker for the NFO, as well as the Administrator of the NFO's annual Screenwriting Competition, which is the oldest of its kind in the United States. Prior to joining the State in 1997, Corcoran was an active professional writer, producer, and director in the private sector for television, video, film and other productions for more than a decade. She has written and sold screenplays as well as hundreds of television and commercial scripts, receiving various awards including the International New York Festivals award, several national Silver Tellys, EMAs and Addys. In those and other production capacities including on-camera and voice talent, Corcoran has worked on diverse creative projects from movies to national commercials, made-for-cable dramas to educational films and audio books. She is also an active author and producer of children's books and multimedia, music, DVD and CD-rom projects in her spare time.

We would like to thank Jeanne for her contributions to VCO, and wish her well in her future endeavors as Director of a film commission in Sarasota County, Florida.

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