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  November 2009    
God Is
By: Helen L. Wright

July 2009
Where Have all the Palins Gone
By: Ms. Sy Baron

June 2009
Clark County Family Court My Father Gave Me A Rose
By: Sally Flahertie By: H.L. Wright

May 2009
The Love of My Friends Ode to Lafayette High School Brooklyn NY
By: H.L. Wright By: Brooklyn Boychick

March 2009
The Love of My Friends I Wish
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright

February 2009
On His Time The Director
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
Old With You What I've Been Missing
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
What Are You Packing??? Something Of Substance
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
Father and Son Brown Bomber
By: Ken Douglas By: Ken Douglas
Lord Please Don't Pass Me By  
By: H.L. Wright  

January 2009
Brody Oath Flub Was Chief  
By: Mrs. Sy Baron Justice John Roberts' Fault
  By: Mrs. Sy Baron
By: Ken Douglas On Christmas Day
  By: H.L. Wright
Going Shopping Naked   
By: Mrs. Sy Baron  

December 2008
I Want to Celebrate Christmas Lord  
By: H.L. Wright  

November 2008
Dreams Lord May I Thank You
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
Lord Sometimes It's Harder  
By: H.L. Wright  

October 2008
Hobgoblins, Witches and Ghosts By My Example
 By: George Puccini By: H.L. Wright
Trying so hard not to cry My Bumper
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
Lord How Do I Sound To You The Tax Poem
By: H.L. Wright Submitted By: H.L. Wright
You Made Your Mistakes  
By: H.L. Wright  

September 2008
He Smiled On Me This is For the Soldiers
By: George Pucine By: H.L. Wright
The Traveler Angels Are Watching
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
A Brand New Me  
By: H.L. Wright  

August 2008
Tears Our Anniversary Cruise
By: H.L. Wright By Robert Lafayette & Family
Natural Disaster Anger
By: H.L. Wright By: H.L. Wright
The Shadow and the Light   Shadows
By: G. M. Gingerelli By: George Pucine
Ed Rosenberg Broke My Heart Step Family
By: Little Lola From: Audrey Meyers

July 2008
And The Rains Came/Hurricane   This is For the Soldiers
By: H.L. Wright  By: H. L. Wright
Here Me, Myself and I
By: H. L. Wright By: H. L. Wright
But It's a Dry Heat or Fire Is Dry  In My Lonely World
By: Mrs. Sy Baron By: George Puccini

June 2008
Green Valley Senior    DADDY
By:  Zelda L. By: H.L. Wright AKA/Angel
Lord May I Thank You Vanity
By: H.L. Wright AKA/Angel By: George Puccini

May 2008
Shadows The Sight of You
By: George Puccini  Submitted by: Anonymous
Shame Shame VCO  
By: Sy Baron  


April 2008

It Doesn't Seem Right  Ode To Las Vegas 
By: Jessi Alexi By: George Puccini
Zeisen Pesach  Admit or Not, It's the Truth 
By: M. Baron By: Merrie Kerrie




March 2008

Marleen Says 'Green'   Hamantashen
By: Jessi Alexi By: Bernie
A Motherless Daughter  
By: Anonymous  


February 2008

  Leap This   Pay It Forward
  An East Flamingo Friend By: Mrs. Sy Baron
  The Billary Show Promoting VCO  
  By: Mrs. Sy Baron By: Sy Baron
  I'm Just a Wall Flower Marleen Marino, A Kiss, Al Pacino 
  By: High Steppin' Momma By: Mrs. Lowell Ellis
  Vintage Vegas Vignette John Philip Sousa to the Rescue 
  By: Rose By: Laurie L.
  Valentine by Design Alone On Valentine's Day
  By: Mrs. Sy Baron By: Stacey Cohen

January 2008

   God Bless America  
  By: Mrs. S. Baron  
  Quid Pro Quo Knock Knock, Who's There...Hillary
   By: Dottie Kidman By: Ezra & Bobbi Cohen

December 2007


What is a Mother 

There Was A Couple From Nantucket


By Marleen Marino

By Myron Kowitz

  Enuf is Enuf Palms Up ...Holiday Tipping    

By Bradley

By Mrs. S. Baron    
  Albertsons on Boulder They Can Screw Up A Free Lunch    
  By M. R. Feld By Myron Kowitz  

November 2007

  The Swap Meet My Mind    
  By Mrs. S. Baron By Marleen Marino    
  The Thunderbirds The Turkey Trot    
  By Emily Brindy By: I. A. Abo    
  A 6th Grader's Poem Ode to Vegas    
  By MLE Emily Brindy By Nina    
  Don't Cry for Me Las Vegas Hillary Dickory Dock    
  By Mrs. S. Baron By C.G.    
  Ode to the Buffet aka To Buffet or Not to Buffet You're a VCO Show Ticket Winner    
  By S. Baron By Zelda Lipshitzel    
  Thoughts of Yesterday      

By Pete Allman



October 2007


T'was the night "Vegas Style"

VCO's Ogden Nash

  By Pete Barbutti By S. Baron    
  Reprint from December 2005      

We would like to invite anyone who would like to share their poetry with the VCO community to  submit it to [email protected]





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