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In the past two years many of our beloved countrymen have been overseas fighting against what seems to be a never ending stream of terrorism. Our men and women of today are doing what this country has done for hundreds of years, fight for what we believe is right in our hearts and what we know is right down to the very core of our souls. In March of 2003, Nevada Benefits Foundation was created to support these men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything for the ultimate prize of freedom!

With our Nevada Benefits Foundation Defending Freedom™ wristbands we have found a way to keep our troops always in our hearts and thoughts while showing continued support and honoring their sacrifices. We have "banded together" worldwide in pride and patriotism recognizing that we will never forget about the sacrifices made by the brave men and women fighting to defend our freedom.

In our continuing effort to show support we have made a significant difference in letting our troops know that they will never be forgotten. 100% of our proceeds go to military charities to support all men, women and children of troops themselves and their families. In doing this, we have made a difference in many peoples lives worldwide. Some of the charities we have donated to include The Armed Forces Relief Trust, The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, USO Wounded Warrior Project of North Carolina, Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Soldier Ride, and The Fallen Patriot Fund. We also provide assistance to other military charities by donating our defending freedom™ wristbands for them to sell or keep. By making these contributions we are the one place that the families of the troops and the troops themselves know they can come to for support.

Nevada Benefits Foundation has offered a way for all of us to show our appreciation and gratitude to our troops. By joining forces with our Foundation you can make a statement of support to the brave, selfless and courageous men and women that defend our freedom every day! We invite everyone to to learn more about how you can "band together" to know that you have made a positive change in the lives of our military and their family

God Bless this Great Country & God Bless Our Troops!

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